Digging Deeper to Learn More About Overcome FSU

Everyone has their complaints about the university, whether it be from the food to having a snow day. There is always the fear that your thoughts are not being heard, or that no one can relate to what you are talking about.

Overcome FSU wants you to know that your voice is being heard. “J” Gourdin is the head of the organization, however it is not a university sanctioned group. The goal of the organization is to “empower voices, to let them know that they are being heard,” and with most of the voices criticizing the university, it is hard to allow the university to sanction the group.

“J” wants to “create a more positive campus climate” by bringing round table discussions available for any student who wants to be heard. This effort is completely student driven, while faculty are there to help facilitate action to see legitimate improvements.

The group was initially started post-election when there was such thick tension on campus. Then “J” started to notice that everyone was voicing concerns and issues on campus, but there was no action taken. She overheard people simply complaining and saying, “Well I only came here because it was cheap,” or “Frostburg was my last choice,” and a variety of other excuses to let issues slide. People were always saying “things will never change,” but “J” recognizes that it does not have to be like that.

These meetings are “brainstorming sessions, validating student experiences with faculty and staff there to help facilitate action,” says Gourdin. She wants to talk about the issues that students are facing to then bring them up to the Student Government Association (SGA) for them to better assist.

It makes it a lot easier to voice your opinion when you are with a group who feels the same way rather. A lot of people hold in their opinions due to the thought that no one else is feeling that way, but this group is for any individual who needs to voice any issue or concern they have.

The one thing that Gourdin wants everyone to know is that Overcome FSU is a safe space for all opinions. This is an organization for everyone who wants the same outcome– for Frostburg State University to be a better place.

You can follow Overcome FSU on Twitter @overcomefsu. If you having any questions about Overcome FSU, or you are interested in going out for the next meeting contact “J” Gourdin at jcgourdin0@frostburg.edu.

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