Echosmith: Inside A Dream EP

Echosmith has released their Inside A Dream EP on Sept. 29, four years after their debut album Talking Dreams was released in 2013. The new EP has definitely gone in a different direction in comparison to Talking Dreams.

Talking Dreams was more of an indie-rock album. While Inside a Dream had a similar feel, it was also in more of a pop direction than Echosmith’s previous release.

Listeners can definitely tell there is an aspect and inspiration drawn from 80’s synth-pop. There is a consistent theme throughout the album of Sydney Sierota, the lead singer of the band, having conversations with herself in both past and future. Examples can be found in the songs “Future Me” and “18.”

“Future Me” is Sierota talking to her future self about the type of person that she hopes to become and discussing how she might regret her previous experiences as she grows older. She also talks about the concept that people are always changing. “18” tackles the idea of immaturity and innocence at a young age, including people’s mindsets and how to grow from these traits.

There are a few other notable tracks on the album. “Get in My Car” is a typical love song that everybody should listen to. “Goodbye” goes back to the indie-rock style of Echosmith’s previous album and touches on the idea of self-reflection in the line “telling myself goodbye.”

The EP ends with the song “Dear World” in which former member Jamie Sierota came back after leaving the band, to focus on fatherhood, to sing and play guitar. The song was also written by Switchfoot band member John Foreman. The song “Dear World” tackles the issue of the things currently happening in the world, especially considering the recent attack in Las Vegas. The song provides a dire message of how we all feel alone in this big world, but we should all band together and be the change that we want to see.

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