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Sorority life. It’s a way that young women in college can form life lasting bonds and relationships. The focus of sororities is to find like-minded women that share values and beliefs. While there are many stereotypes that accompany sororities, most people that are not involved in Greek life don’t actually know what the values and beliefs of these women are. If you’re interested in our curious about Sorority life at Frostburg, make sure to keep reading and attend CPC’s recruitment.

CPC had their first event for Spring recruitment Thursday night. The women from Alpha Sigma Alpha, Delta Zeta, and Alpha Sigma Tau gathered in the ARMAH to host an Open House and meet potential new members. The sororities welcomed the women of Frostburg to mingle and learn more about Sorority life. The recruitment events are minimally structured in a way so that the women who are interested can meet all of the women in each of the sororities. Tables were set up for each sorority to highlight the different sisterhoods and the women in them. The sorority women were also at Late at Lane Saturday night to meet more potential new members and answer any questions they may have.

Find your home in CPC during recruitment!
Find your home in CPC during recruitment!

Sorority life is a sisterhood. The women in all three sororities consider themselves one large CPC family. CPC has more recruitment events coming up this week. On Tuesday, February 6 at 6 pm, CPC is hosting a Fun Night. The potential new members will be able to meet the amazing women of all three sororities in a relaxed and fun environment. Thursday at 6 pm is Philanthropy Night. During this event, the potential new members will be able to learn about the philanthropies of each sorority and what the women do to support their philanthropies. Friday and Saturday are invite back only and promise to be both fun and fulfilling. The events are structured to help the interested women find their homes. If you are interested in learning more about Sorority life, make sure to check out the rest of the week’s events.

Sororities are not for everyone. If you are not interested in joining a sorority, that is completely understandable. However, there is no harm in going to an event or two. Meet the women of CPC. They would love to meet you. Find out what you can offer Greek life and what a sorority can offer you. College is the time to try new things. Why not give a sorority a try?

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