Fire Alarm System in P.E. Center Broken for Second Time in Two Semesters

UPDATE: The fire alarm system has been repaired and is functioning properly as of 4 p.m. on Thursday, February 25.

For the second time in two semesters, the fire alarm system in the Cordts Physical Education Center at Frostburg State University is inoperative, and a “fire watch” will be instituted until repairs can be made.

Officials just spent $250,000 repairing fire alarm system in early October of 2015. When the fire alarm system broke in September, officials “decided to invest in repairing the current system rather than replacing it,” said David Rose, FSU’s vice president for finance.

“[The malfunction] is primarily due to normal wear and failure of parts,” said Rose. “We won’t know the specifics until we have a company come in to look at it. We should know more by the end of the day and we may even be able to get the system operational again at that time. There is a possibility that it could take several days depending on what the failure is. At this time, since the failure has not been identified, we don’t know the cost.”

“Until further notice, Facilities and Athletics staff will be instituting a ‘fire watch’ in the PE Building,” said FSU spokesperson Liz Medcalf in an email to the campus community. “A ‘fire watch’ consists of staff members being observant as they walk around the building looking for smoke or open fire and trying to identify unfamiliar smells. The fire alarm system has failed and will need to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. If you smell odors or see smoke or open flames, please call the County 911 Center and Campus Police. Neither the bells nor the strobes will work at this point to signal the need to vacate the building. The fire watch is necessary for us to continue using the building until the fire alarm system is operational again.”

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