Flips and Tricks: Zuzu African Acrobats Come To Frostburg

Diversity is a big part of being apart of Frostburg’s community. To feel accepted and, at times, cherished and celebrated is a great mission to have any for school and Frostburg is no different.

In creating the Cultural Events Series, Frostburg has worked hard to “provide opportunities for economic, educational, and cultural engagement through its dedication to bringing national and international performing artists to the tri-state region, thus enhancing and expanding the socio-cultural fabric of the region.” The On the Edge series, an interactive “club” experience where the audience can relax and enjoy a great show, proudly presented the Zuzu African Acrobats on Thursday April 21, 2016.

Leaders believe that, “live performance is a universal form of human communication, a fundamental component of free expression. The interaction between artist and audience is basic to civic life, crucial to the economic well-being of communities, indispensable to the mind and spirit.” The Zuzu Acrobats were definitely a prime example of this ideal. The high-energy performers presented quite a show as they continually wow’d the audience leaving them consistently begging for more.

The America’s Got Talen Season 6 finalists, formerly known as the Zuma Zuma Acrobats, consists of five talented men who exhibit traditional Kenyan acrobatic skills. Calling Mombasa home, these men represent their country well as they teach the audience about their country in between daring feats like pyramid building, limbo, contortion, tumbling, and balancing.

They amazed the audience as they moved their bodies fluidly in and out of small structures in wild positions.

Doing a handstand seems difficult for the average man, but one extraordinary man in their troupe managed to balance himself in a hand stand on top of five carefully placed, but still unstable looking chairs. Oh, and in this hand stand he could also do a split in the air. Another could balance multiple jars on a wooden stick in his mouth and flip them.

The tricks were endlessly amusing and fun for the whole family as kids were brought on stage and crowned new members of the Zuzu African Acrobats.

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