For Valentine’s Day

In the Air

She waits for him at pier

He walks with a head held high.

The sugary dimples from her smile disappear

Maybe he’s that asshole kind of guy

The couples enjoy the time together

The rage can be felt like seven suns

What is he to say?

She is ready to leave, she can feel the devils grin.

Love is strangest battlefield,

One can be shot by an ally, saved by an enemy but see them one in the same.

The man greets her with a smile.

She wonders why.

He tosses a box and says,

“I may not be the prince of all,

The great beauty I see, God must love me.”

Walking ever so close, he holds her tight

The devils reach is lost.

For he cannot go where he needs be,

As you can see.

The man cannot stand, without the help of the best girl.



Some use it to get out of trouble.

Others mean it like their life was on the line.

Men, they say they don’t know what it means

To that, I say women are the same.

The long dangerous run to avoid it, like a legendary beast.

This beast strikes with both hands.

The right, will have your body, burning uncontrollably.

The left, will have your heart burning, and butterflies twirling.

The beast doesn’t speak; but watches those who enter the forest.

When it strikes it is without warning,

No one ever dies from the attack but some never bounce back.

If dare enter the forest remember, the beast.

He waits to dish out, love and lust.

Different they are but oh do they feel the same.

Lust can give you everything you want for a night.

But, love can you everything you need for your whole life.



Thank you, love woman

I see you holding me down through whatever comes around.

We love, we fight, we make up, we grow.

Love woman, I see you

Giving me strength to run, when I could only walk

To fight again, again, and again day and night.

Love woman, I see you

Opening up to me every night, knowing I could take your heart away.

We feel you and we cheer you.

Without you there would be no world, no family no reason to come home.

Love woman, I see you and as I said before I will say it again

Love woman, I am pleased to meet you, now let me treat you.

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