Frostburg Cares: Open Campus Dialogue on Protests in Baltimore and Ferguson to be Held Thursday

On Thursday, April 30 at 6 pm in the ARMAH, Frostburg State University will hold an open dialogue named “Frostburg Cares” for the community to come together and voice their concerns on race and recent protests in Baltimore, Maryland, and Ferguson, Missouri.

“Those of us planning this event are committed to creating a safe space for everyone to express their thoughts, ideas, and concerns,” wrote Dr. Tom Bowling, vice president for student services, in an email to faculty, staff, and students. “It will also be an opportunity to discuss ways that Frostburg can help.”

The night will start with a silent “Walk of Reflection” to raise awareness and support for loved ones in Baltimore.

Following the death of Freddie Gray, which occurred while in custody of the Baltimore Police Department, the city erupted into civil unrest. Video of his arrest surfaced soon after his death, which detailed the violence that 25-year-old Gray experienced. Thousands are marching to protest the ongoing injustice of police crime. This weekend, riots broke out in certain neighborhoods of town, especially those under the poverty line. Some civilians started to throw rocks and bottles at police, who had been instated for crowd control. Looters, not protestors, were taking advantage of this, and many businesses were broken into, set on fire, and destroyed. Stadium attendants were captured on video pouring beer on the protestors and verbally mocking them. On Monday, April 28, Governor Hogan declared a state of emergency and activated the National Guard in order to help the police maintain peace in the city. Now civilians are working together to restore their beloved city.

In Bowling’s email, he wrote, “When tensions rise, misunderstandings also increase, as we are all viewing these events through different lenses. One of the characteristics of an educated person is the ability and desire to understand perspectives that are different from one’s own.”


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