Frostburg State Baseball Claims CAC Crown

The 2015 Capital Athletic Conference Tournament Championship was held at Frostburg State University, on April 18.

Including the Bobcat men, a total of 10 teams gathered to compete for the CAC Crown. A close ending was struck between Frostburg State University and Salisbury University, but the FSU men were able to get the victory in the final game against Salisbury. Completing the tournament with an imposing standing of 6-0, the FSU Bobcats became crowned CAC Champions for a second time. Along with the attained victory as CAC champions, Frostburg State University men’s baseball team has become the second best team in the nation.

Junior Jeremy Remalia spoke about his team’s recent victory as well as the team’s current preparation for the NCAA Tournament. When asked how he could describe the teams mindset going into the CAC tournament, Remalia stated, “Going in we were actually pretty confident. We had just came off the wins against Salisbury (10-0) and Penn State Altoona (11-6) so we had momentum going in”.

Along with the two recent wins, the Bobcat men have been on a winning streak with a captivating season record of 32-3. The hard work, dedication, and motivation put into every practice has carried this team far. Although the team has been fortunate in having a breathtaking season, humility is something this team has. With the help of the coach keeping the men on track, Remalia adds, “he stays on our backs and doesn’t let us take anything for granted and keeps pushing us to exceed the expectations he puts on us.”

With the NCAA tournament just right around the corner, this team has been preparing very hard in the hopes of winning another tournament. The determination is shown throughout these Bobcat men in their efforts to win. “To prepare for the tournament we have been striving to get our health back up by working hard in the weight room. Also, thanks to coach, we have games to play before we go into the tournament so that we’re still game ready”, Remalia states.

The CAC tournament win gives these Bobcat men the confidence needed going into the NCAA tournament. Although this has been a long season with both ups as well as downs, there’s no doubt the Bobcat men will fight to the finish, concluding the season as strong as they can. When asked how winning the CAC tournament positively affected the team, Remalia stated, “Winning the tournament lifted a weight off of our shoulders. The team has been through a lot this year and winning that tournament was the first step in making it all worthwhile”.

The NCAA tournament will be held May 13, 2015. Many teams will come together hoping to claim the title as a 2015 NCAA tournament champions. Until the tournament, Frostburg State University Bobcat men will prepare by playing in the upcoming games against Washington & Jefferson, Mt. Aloysius and La Roche. Continuing to work hard, the Bobcat men will enter the games as well as the tournament leaving everything on the field.








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