Frostburg State University Inaugurates 15th President

Dr. Nowaczyk Becomes 15th President of FSU

On Friday April 7 at 2 p.m., President Nowaczyk was inaugurated as the 15th president of Frostburg State University.  The celebration included many visiting university presidents and representatives as well as a representative for U.S. Senator Van Hollen. Chancellor Caret of the University System of Maryland was in attendance to perform the investiture process.

The program started with a processional photo of all the guests and President Nowaczyk himself.  Dr. Martha R. Dolly, professor of English, made introductions for each portion of the program.

The greetings started with Dr. James D. Fielder Jr., Maryland Secretary of Higher Education.  Fielder stated, “We look forward to your leadership, and the great things you are about to accomplish here, and Frostburg will flourish.”  Dr. Fielder Jr. was speaking on behalf of Governor Larry Hogan.

Followed by Dr. Fielder was Frostburg City Mayor Robert Flannigan.  He talked about the fact that people always say great things about President Nowaczyk; the two have become very good friends. “I was immediately impressed with his knowledge of not only Frostburg State but our little city as well.” Mayor Flannigan gave nothing but praise to President Nowaczyk.

After Mayor Flannigan, Mr. Kenneth Oldham Jr. spoke as alumnus and as Vice President of the FSU Foundation Board of Directors.  Mr. Oldham Jr. said, “We welcome you fully to this new task.”  He continued to talk about how he knew President Nowaczyk was the right fit upon their first meeting.

Speaking on behalf of the members of faculty at Frostburg State as Chair of Faculty Senate was Dr. Michael Murtaugh.  He talked about how faculty can be weary at points during a change of leadership, but President Nowaczyk has a commitment to communication: “We know we are in good hands, so thank you Dr. Nowaczyk.”

Representing the students was senior Nicholas DeMichele as the President of the FSU Student Government Association (SGA).  “Since Dr. Nowaczyk’s arrival, we as the student body have been impressed with his commitment to the student voice.  It is evident that our President values the student experience and the responsibility we share in crafting this experience.”

Following the in-person greetings, Dr. Dolly read greetings from some who could not be in attendance.  Those messages were from U.S. Senators Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen, Congressman John Delaney, Maryland State Senator George Edwards, and several others.

Chancellor Caret had the opportunity to make remarks prior to the investiture process. “On behalf of the entire University System of Maryland community, including the chairman of our board [Mr. James Brady]…and regent Tom Slater…, I offer my heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Nowaczyk.”

After the Chancellor spoke, Dr. Dolly came forward to explain the investiture process that Chairman Brady and Chancellor Caret were going to perform.  This process was to formally pass on the medallion and mace to President Nowaczyk.  Presentation of the artifacts confirms the trust that the regents have placed in the president and his vision. The mace holds the university seal which represents the university’s mission. The medallion is also the university seal that is only worn by the president at all formal academic convocations.

Once President Nowaczyk was formally inaugurated as the 15th president of Frostburg State University, he had the opportunity to make an inaugural address.  He started his speech with thanking everyone who had previously spoken in the program, as well as everyone in attendance. “It truly is an honor to be installed as the 15th president of Frostburg State University.”  President Nowaczyk focused on the “fabric and DNA of FSU,” talking about the budget cuts the school faced, potentially being closed, to now being Frostburg State University.  He also talked about the challenges/disruptions that FSU and the community faces, but noted that we have been constantly adapting.

The inauguration was closed with President Nowaczyk accepting the responsibilities of the 14 who preceded him. “Together we can work to achieve what we can not do individually,” said President Nowaczyk.  He asked that people work with him to advance the university, to provide counsel, and to live the mission of Frostburg State University.

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