FSU and ACM Presidents Announce Dialogue Series to Address Potential Tension Between Schools

In a joint statement made on Monday, October 12, Dr. Tom Bowling, Frostburg State University’s interim president, and Dr. Cynthia Bambara, Allegany College of Maryland’s president, addressed the double stabbing between an FSU student and an ACM student, and announced plans to hold a two-part dialogue series to “address any potential tension between groups of students and prevent future incidents.”

It was noted in some reports the altercation may have been a result of tension between students of the two schools. However, the case is under investigation by the Allegany County Combined Criminal Investigative Unit, and no apparent motive has been made public.


Specific details for the dialogue series have not been released, but one will be held at FSU and one will be held at ACM.

“The first program will focus on understanding to what extent this conflict exits, and gaining an understanding of the issues that may have contributed to any tension that has been reported to exist between our students,” the statement read. “The second program intends to focus on engaging students in developing solutions in order to resolve any conflicts they may have. Faculty and staff from both institutions will moderate both programs.”

Local police responded to a report of a stabbing around 2 Bobcat Court on Sunday, October 11 at approximately 2:42 a.m. An FSU student, Malik Jones, and an ACM student, Brian Johnson, were involved in a double stabbing which resulted in both students being placed at the Western Regional Medical Center.

“We very much appreciate the quick response from local law enforcement agencies, and the ongoing efforts being made by the officers in C3I to gain insight to what precipitated the violence,” Bowling and Bambara said in the joint statement.

“We wish both the students a full and speedy recovery,” the presidents said. “Allegany College of Maryland and Frostburg State University are dedicated to ensuring that our students have a safe place to live and learn, and we look forward to greater collaboration.”

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