FSU Basketball Finishes Disappointing Season with 3-22 Record

The 2013-2014 basketball season for Frostburg did not go as well as had been hoped. The team only won three games this season. The departure of the team’s two leading scorers last season, Christian Jackson and DeSean Antoine, was definitely felt on this year’s team. All was not lost though, as three players stood out and had great overall seasons.

Jabari Kamau, the team’s power forward was fifth in the CAC in rebounds, averaging 7.4 a game. This is up from last season when he averaged only 6.7 boards a game. Along with improving his rebounding, Kamau also averaged more points per game this season than last season. Last season, he averaged just over 6 points a game, while this season he posted an average of 12 points a game. For the season he shot over 50 percent from the field. Kamau’s progression from this season to last season is a positive sign as the team goes forward.

Aaron Bellamy also stood out this season. He averaged just north of 3 assists a game and tallied up more than 15 assists this season. His free throw percentage was good at 65 percent. Bellamy was third in the team in minutes per game. He obtained 19 steals last season, showing his prowess on the defensive side of the ball.

James Peters, a FSU junior, had an outstanding season. He was player of the week just three weeks ago. This is Peters’ first season with the team and he certainly made an impact. He averaged 16.7 points a game overall this season. Peters boosted his average however when facing teams in his own division. The 16.7 averaged rose to just over 20 points a game. When the time came to it, Peters rose to the occasion and played up to his competition.  He shot over 70 percent from the free throw line. That puts him third on the team for free throw percentage. His field goal conversion rate was first on the team with him making more than 40 percent of the three pointers that he took. To continue his great shooting percentage, Peters placed second on the team making 45 percent of his overall shots from the field. Peters will be one of the players to keep your eye next season.

Next season the team will strive win more games than they did this past season. With Kamau and Peters returning next season, the team will have two key starters to rely on to play well and lead the team to a better season.

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