FSU Student Jailed, Charged With First-Degree Assault

A Saturday-night off-campus altercation involving Frostburg State University football players and a member of FSU’s club rugby team resulted in a rugby player facing felony first degree assault charges and a football player going to the hospital to receive 22 stitches in his head, according to court records.

Court records indicate that Alexander Marcus Holt, of Lothian, Md., struck Jacob Townsend in the head multiple times with a 2×4 wooden board after a verbal argument turned into a physical altercation.

Alexander Holt is being charged with four charges, including first degree assault, in relation to an off-campus fight that happened at a party. (Photo Credit: Frostburg City Police)
Alexander Holt is being charged with four charges, including first degree assault, in relation to an off-campus fight that happened at a party. (Photo Credit: Frostburg City Police)

The incident occurred around 2:24 a.m. on Sunday, April 24, and Holt was served a warrant for his arrest on the evening of Monday, April 25, according to court records.

Holt said in the case file that he was being assaulted by multiple members of the football team after the argument, prompting his attack on Townsend.

Holt is 5’10 and 185 pounds, according to the case file. Townsend is a 6’5, 265 pound offensive lineman on the FSU football team, according to the team’s roster.

The assault on Townsend resulted in three lacerations to his face that required 22 stitches and several staples to close, as well as a bruised forehead and a black eye, according to the police report.

Holt, a 19 year old FSU student and member of the club rugby team, is facing four charges: assault in the first degree, a felony crime with a maximum penalty of 25 years in prison; assault in the second degree, which can result in a maximum of 10 years in prison or a fine of $2,500; possession of a dangerous weapon with intent to injure, with a potential of 3 years in prison or a fine of $1,000; and disturbing the peace, which could result in 60 days in prison or a fine of $500.

Holt remained jailed on Tuesday, April 26, at the Allegany County Detention Center following his arrest on Monday evening.

Holt, as an undergraduate student, is subject to the Frostburg State University Policy Statement, which details procedures for students charged with a crime. The policies reserve the right of the institution to take immediate action pending conduct proceedings. The Vice President for Student Affairs may issue an interim suspension of a student as a result a student displaying “a substantial threat to himself or herself or towards others” prior to a student conduct hearing.

According to Holt’s account in the case file, an argument between he and FSU student Brian Taylor resulted in Townsend “shov[ing] his hand in Holt’s face, pushing him back,” prompting Holt to punch Townsend in the face; subsequently, Townsend “tackled” Holt to the ground.

At this point in the public police report, Holt alleged that multiple people began striking him before he was helped to escape. After he initially escaped the altercation, Townsend approached him again, prompting Holt to strike him with the 2 x 4, according to the file.

Taylor is a 6’3, 300 pound offensive lineman on the FSU football team. His account in the report is consistent with Holt’s.

According to the report, Townsend does not recall sustaining his injuries or the events of the evening until he was taken to 156 Wood Street.

Christian Dipaola, a 6’3, 230 pound tight end on the FSU football team, was present and told Frostburg City Police Patrolman Daniel Zarger that Townsend was involved in an altercation at 70 E. College Avenue, the case file said.

Derrick Shaw, another member of the FSU football team, told officers that residents were attempting to leave the party before the altercation began, according to the report.

After Zarger reported to the scene, Townsend was transported to the Western Maryland Regional Medical Center for treatment. The court file states that Townsend was found on the porch with a towel around his wounds, while his friends attempted to stop the bleeding.

A trail of blood led officers down College Avenue to the front door of 70 E. College, according to the case file. Chase Manard, another student, reportedly answered the door; when officers noticed blood on the floor, Manard stated that a nosebleed had occurred.

Residents fully cooperated with the officers’ investigation of the scene, which was an enclosed, blood-covered porch, court records say. The file says that they found no weapon or object that may have caused the injuries.

Holt was identified by Townsend as a member of the rugby team and was identified in a photograph. His identity was later confirmed by representatives from the rugby team, according to the police report.

Once identified, officers reported to Holt’s residence at Westminster Hall and contacted Holt by phone. Holt agreed to meet officers at his dorm room to speak about the incident. Upon arrival, Holt provided his account of the event. He states that he was at 70 E. College Avenue for about 10-15 minutes when he observed Taylor engaging in an argument with a friend of Holt’s in the kitchen.

Holt’s preliminary hearing at the Allegany County District Court will be held on May 20.

Portions of the District Court case file can be found here: Holt Police Report.

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