FSU Takes On Catholic University In Doubleheader

The lady Bobcats of Frostburg State challenged the lady Cardinals of Catholic University in a double header at FSU on April 27. The double header consisted of Frostburg winning the first round but falling short in a neck and neck game for the second.

Junior Hannah Tavik made it onto the list of game stat leaders as she made an impressive home run bringing in two other lady Bobcats, Sam Gatton and Allison Short, along with herself. The three-run play allowed the Bobcats to advance in the bottom of the third as the first two innings remained scoreless for both teams. Megan Collin’s of Catholic University was able to put a score up in the top of the fourth brining the score to 3-1. The remainder of the game would be scoreless, as both teams were unable to bring their players home to advance the final score.

The neck and neck second match against Catholic University allowed the lady Cardinals to redeem themselves from the previous game. The first inning was fast-paced as lady Cardinals Rebekah Hois, Kristina Loz and Erin Adams scored while Frostburg’s Sam Gatton and Hannah Tavik made it home. This allowed for Catholic University to take the lead with 3-2 until the Bobcats took over in the second and third inning. Scoring four more points, FSU went on to leading with a score of 6-3. Starting with the second inning, with Hannah Tavik AB she advanced freshman Catherine Kim, while Sam Gatton and Selina Matulonis were able to score. Now leading by one, 4-3, Kim was able to make it home along with Lauren Capece taking the score to 6-3. The fourth inning remained quiet for both teams until the lady Cardinals turned on the heat in the fifth and sixth innings. Catholic University’s ladies scored a total of five points between these two innings taking them into the lead of 8-6. With no additional points added by the Cardinals in the seventh inning, this would go onto being an important final inning for the lady Bobcats.

With both Mary Ann Moore and Lauren Capece on base, Capece was the only Bobcat able to score in this last inning, sending the ladies up one more point. Unfortunately this was not enough for the Bobcats to tie or advance in the game. The double header allowed each team to take a win and a loss.

The lady Bobcats will close their 2016 season with a home game on Tuesday May 3 against Stevenson University.

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