FSU to Construct New Public Safety Building for University Police

After the grand opening of the Center for Communications and Information Technology, Frostburg State University students may wonder what’s next on FSU’s agenda. According to FSU officials, the next campus project is a new public safety building for the University Police.

“We have been funded by the Maryland General Assembly to begin planning and designing a new police headquarters,” said FSU President Jonathan Gibralter. The building is scheduled to be completed in 2017.


FSU’s current public safety building was built in the 1950s and is now outdated, so plans for a new public safety building are being developed. Its replacement will better accommodate a modern police force. The current building stands at 2500 square feet, but the new building will be 5600 square feet, according to

“The building that currently serves as our FSU Police headquarters was never intended to serve such a role. As it was designed as a schoolhouse, it lacks many features that a police force needs to best serve and protect our campus community,” said Gibralter at the Fall 2014 Convocation.

Gibralter noted that the new building will have more space and resources. Gibralter stated, “This new facility will feature more-secure space to store firearms and other dangerous equipment, modern communications equipment to better coordinate with other area law enforcement units, better-secured infrastructure, proper locker room facilities for men and women, building surveillance for critical areas, and a host of other accommodations for the men and women who protect us.”

The location for the new police headquarters has not been selected, but the property next to Stangle Service Building is being considered, according to Gibralter. Rose stated that the current building would not be demolished due to historical significance. The current building, which once served as a school for African-American children, will instead be repurposed. It is not yet known what new purpose the building will serve.

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