FSU Wellness and UpLift to Host Fitness Competitions

Competitive fitness challenges “Biggest Loser,” “Biggest Gainer,” and “Biggest Changer” are being hosted by UpLift and Frostburg State University Wellness to promote healthy living habits and campus wellness resources. The challenges, which start with a first “weigh in” in the Bod Pod on Monday, March 13, allow students to competitively develop healthy habits among teams of 3 to 5 people. Weigh-ins will take place in the Human Performance Lab in Cordts PE Center, Room 110, and test a variety of wellness details including body fat and blood pressure.

“You can only benefit from it,” said Uplift President and Co-Founder Brandon Holmes about the competitions. “It doesn’t cost anything; it can change your life for the better.”

Competitors will be awarded points for developing healthy habits and attending wellness activities, such as fitness classes or field day activities including games like dodgeball, on campus after submitting a point sheet to Brady Health Center each week. Point sheets and sign-up information, in addition to a schedule of Wellness Point Opportunities, can be found at www.frostburg.edu/wellness. Those interested in participating may sign up individually, and be placed with a team, or sign up as a team.

As the second annual competitions take place, participants are encouraged to hold their team members accountable for their health and fitness goals while utilizing FSU’s fitness centers, classes, equipment, and other resources. The final weigh-in on May 13 will determine the winning teams. Winning prizes include wireless headphones, t-shirts, duffel bags, and hats.

Although participants are only required to participate in the first and final weigh-ins, they may track their progress with optional weigh-ins throughout the competition. Those participating in the Biggest Loser and the Biggest Gainer competitions are also encouraged to participate in the Biggest Changer competition as a way to “double dip” and continue tracking healthy habits, said Julia Miller, registered nurse at Brady Health Center.

Miller also told The Bottom Line how the goal of the competitions is to allow different groups on campus to collaborate with the common topic of healthy living. FSU Wellness, Brady Health Center, UpLift, and other groups such as BURG, all have the common goal of promoting healthy living and providing students a foundation for continuing those habits.

Additionally, she mentioned how the competitions are not only meant to promote physical wellness and nutrition, but also mental health. “Some people might not want to walk into the gym, but maybe they do need to work on their emotional wellness and things like that,” she said.

For more information about the competitions, visit www.frostburg.edu/wellness or contact Julia Miller at jymiller@frostburg.edu. For more information about UpLift, visit www.facebook.com/upliftFSU/ or contact Brandon Holmes at blholmes0@frostburg.edu.thumbnail_Biggest Gainer 17 thumbnail_Biggest Loser 17

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