Guidelines for On and Off-Campus Parties

We sat down and spoke with Sergeant Ronaldo about the on-campus Frostburg State Police Department policies and guidelines for approaching and citing off-campus parties.

According to Sgt. Ronaldo, campus police only deals with parties that are on campus. If they receive a noise complaint, they will “scope-out” the situation, and usually they will politely ask that the resident tone the noise down. Ronaldo states that they will give out a citation if the party is out of control or if there is underage drinking. If there is marijuana involved, it has to be under ten grams according to the Maryland State Law. If there is a party off-campus, the Frostburg City police will go to the scene. Frostburg State campus police will only come to assist with the situation. If the issue continues to occur, the police will ask the resident to shut the party down. Also, if a house or apartment has reach the maximum capacity, the police will have to shut the party down as too many people can become a fire hazard. Police are especially cautious about these situations since 2014; there was a fire off-campus that resulted in the death of a student. If there is a fight or altercation on campus, FSU police will make an arrest, and the reporting officers will usually send the person to Frostburg’s police station. If the altercation is off-campus, the Frostburg City police will handle the situation and the campus police will assist.

The university’s policy for off-campus student behavior is posted on the school website. It states:

“Students hosting parties at off-campus locations are responsible for the size of the event and activities that occur at the property. Conduct that may result in policy violations include: (a) overrun occupancy or capacity of the dwelling or property; (b) noise complaints; (c) littering; (d) public urination; (e) unmonitored open-source alcohol containers that result in dangerous levels of intoxication by guests; (f) underage consumption of alcohol; (g) open container violations; (h) blocking vehicle traffic or sidewalk egress; (i) disorderly conduct; (j) physical assaults; (k) illegal substance abuse behaviors.”


Above is copy of the email sent to FSU student, Terry Martin’s account regarding his off-campus violation notice for a party he threw on February 24, 2017. Whenever a Frostburg student gets in any type of trouble and it is reported, whether it be on or off-campus, they must have an administrative hearing in order to discuss the incident, as well as to remind the student of the code of conduct regarding parties.

Written by Randi Watson

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