Hart Twins Star on Frostburg Women’s Lacrosse

Juniors and twin sisters Megan and Molly Hart of the women’s lacrosse team are preparing for another season of lacrosse after a strong season last year. The twin sisters ended last season on a high note finishing as two of the teams top scorers for the 2015 season. Megan, who is a double major in exercise sports science and psychology, finished last season with 28 goals and Molly, a triple major in secondary education, math and psychology, finished with 25. This dynamic duo has been a part of the team since their freshman year at Frostburg.

However, their experience with the sport started long before that; “we have been playing since we were in sixth grade,” Megan explained. She said they have also never been separated since their involvement with the sport, “since we have been playing together since sixth grade, we have never been on different teams.”

This year they return as two of the more experienced players on a team that has a lot of youth on the roster. It is this experience and knowledge of the game that the girls say they can use to help encourage the younger girls. “We are trying to build up their confidence and work with them on the things we see that they need to work on,” Molly said. She also recognized the talent of last year’s team and the impact that can have on this season by saying, “we had a really strong team last year and I think we learned a lot from them. Hopefully we can bring that to the team this year with all of our newer players.”

In terms of their own play, and separating themselves as top scorers again this year, Molly said one way they can do that is to “set our own goals to beat our previous accomplishment.” Experience with the game is another tool they can utilize. Megan said, “with the inexperiences we have had in the last two years, we can use what we have learned then and the new stuff we are learning now.”

Having each other and good old sibling rivalry are other factors that the girls say help to elevate their play on the field. “I think that our sibling rivalry is huge,” Megan continued saying, “we try to push each other, in the offseason we do everything together.” Molly added that they are “really competitive with each other.” Not only does pushing each other help make them better, but Megan says the familiarity on the field also helps their game. “We do these fun things in practice where you have to get as many passes as you can in two minutes and we hold the record.” She continued saying, “we work really well together on the field, we assist each other a lot.”

With the season only two weeks away, this year’s squad features a dangerous combination of youth and talent. Led by double trouble Meagan and Molly Hart, Frostburg State looks to be a contender in the CAC again this year.

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