It’s Fall, Y’all! A Quick Guide to Your Favorite Fall Festivities

Pumpkin patches. Corn mazes. Hayrides. Haunted houses. Hikes to watch the leaves change. These are some of the wonderful activities to do during fall; the things that make this season great. But where do you go? You may think there’s not a lot going on around here, but how could you not love fall in Western Maryland? There are a lot of great places right near campus!

Piney Reservoir is not quite a 20 minute drive from campus, and the views—both there, and on the drive—make it more than worth it. On a drive straight up Rt. 40 West, you will get to admire the views from the top of Big Savage Mountain on the way. Once you turn off 40, you’ll get to enjoy a beautiful wooded drive all the way to the reservoir. Piney Reservoir is pretty on any day–peaceful water, a breeze rustling the leaves, and a relaxing sense of quiet. But come autumn, it becomes a spectacular view.  You get a beautiful scope of a forest below the dam, and can see every shade of red, orange, yellow, and green on the leaves. Looking at the water itself is like looking at a portrait. The vibrantly colored leaves on the trees, and their reflection with the crisp blue sky on the water, creates an outstanding portrait. This local gem is perfect for anything, from a short stroll to a longer day excursion.

Piney Reservoir in the Fall.
Piney Reservoir in the fall.

Wolf’s Rock is Dan’s Rock’s lesser-known neighbor. It’s a bit more of a challenge than Dan’s Rock, but the views are much better. The trailhead is less then a mile before Dan’s Rock, and from there it’s about a 40-minute hike through the woods along a stunning ridge line. Even if you don’t go all the way to the rocks, the path there is still beautiful. As long as you stay parallel to the ridge, you won’t get lost. You will have to climb over some rocks to get up the hill, but it’s not too high. At the top, you will have the view of mountains, fields, and valleys for miles and miles. Definitely check it out while the leaves are changing, and take the time to sit on the rocks to just enjoy the view.

Pumpkin Patches, because who doesn’t like carving pumpkins? If you’re not looking for a full day trip, but you want to get a pumpkin nearby, any grocery store will have them. However, if you do want to go to a farm to pick one yourself, there’s one not too far away from campus! Located in Wiley Ford, W.V., Higson’s farm is just over 20 minutes from campus, so don’t be put off that it’s in another state! Family owned and operated, Higson’s farm has pumpkins (and other gourds), as well as a farmers market which features their home-made, sugar-free apple butter!

Higson's Farm.
Higson’s Farm.

Corn Mazes are another fall activity that can entertain people of all ages. If you’re lucky enough to have a lot of free time, corn mazes are a great way to spend a fall day. Cove Run Farm Corn Maze is about 30 minutes west of Frostburg, just up I-68. Another family-owned farm, this small business provides large corn mazes designed in different, fun shapes. Not only do they offer corn mazes, but they have hay rides, a petting zoo, and duck racing. This close-to-home gem is a fantastic place to go for your fall festivities. Make sure to check it out!

Cove Run Farm's Corn Maze.
Cove Run Farm’s Corn Maze.


Haunted Houses are another fall staple, but they are not for everyone. Currently going on now is The Hotel Nightmare in downtown Cumberland. Another small business, and just a few minutes down the road from Frostburg, Hotel Nightmare is the best place to go for your spooky experience. Not only that, but this non-profit raises money for different local organizations. Make sure to head down to Cumberland one weekend in October, or even on Halloween, to test your courage in the Hotel Nightmare!

For times, prices, directions, and more information, check out their websites or Facebook pages for these great organizations and locations!

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