John Short welcomed as New Vice President for Advancement

On Feb. 2, John Short began his duties as Frostburg State University’s new Vice President for University Advancement after being selected for the position in early January 2015. He was also given the position of Executive Director for the FSU Foundation.

When asked about his new position, Short said that he is excited to step in and help the university raise more money and to also provide a leadership role in the Advancement department. Short looks forward to his new job and appreciates the warm welcome by the friendly Frostburg community.

“The staff has done a good job while the position was vacant, things didn’t stop,” said Short.

Short will be responsible for overseeing all fundraising operations and alumni programs for the University. A Vice President for Advancement raises funds and supplements tuition money from the state. Raising scholarship money for students and athletics are two main focuses for the position.

“Advancement and fundraising is a slow methodical process. You have to develop relationships with alumni.”

In order to be completely fulfilling in this department, one has to develop relationships with alumni and continue to speak with them on a regular basis. The advancement office puts out a huge effort to make connections with alumni to get them to reconnect with their alma mater.

Short previously worked at two private institutions, Albright and American International College in Springfield, where he succeeded in fundraising and advancement. The students at the previous two universities are similar to those at FSU. Short described them as usual students coming from a low-income household who are usually the first in their family to go to college. There are many students who need aid to complete college, said Short, who added that there are “students who will go on to be important members of their community.”

Short is happy with his new position and is excited to settle into his role as Vice President for Advancement and executive director of the FSU Foundation. He says that his job will be more challenging due to the recent budget cuts, which is why he is so focused on his main goal to raise more money for the University and its students. The department has people who are dedicated enough to enhance the University’s fundraising efforts.

It will be interesting to see what Short will be able to bring to the FSU community. President Jonathan Gibralter, who has confidence in the leadership role that Short will take, gave him a good acclamation. Short appreciates the great opportunity that he has been given and feels as though FSU should expect great work with Short behind the new position.

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