Kanye West Spotted After Being Released from Hospital

Kanye West was spotted going incognito with a motorcycle helmet on while enjoying a BMX ride with a few friends. Although this is not the first time being spotted since his hospitalization in November, seeing him up and running again gives hope that he is recovering steadily.

For those who haven’t been keeping up, Kanye West was hospitalized on Nov. 22  following a series of episodes of strange behavior leading up to his hospitalization. It began during one of his concerts for the “Saint Pablo Tour” where he stopped his performance to let his audience members know that he didn’t vote, but if he did he would have voted for Trump. Although this resulted with some boos from the crowd, he continued to say that black people should “stop focusing on racism” and shift the national conversation to something else. This confused most of the concert-goers, seeing as this was the same man who made headlines with his claim that “[President George W.] Bush doesn’t care about black people” when Hurricane Katrina had devastated Louisiana and surrounding areas, a man who had also spoken out about racism in the music industry. A few days later, he showed up late to his concert in Sacramento and only performed two songs before leaving the venue.  A day later, it was reported by his team that the Saint Pablo Tour was officially cancelled, resulting in outrage by those who had already purchased tickets.

Then on Nov. 22, it was reported that West was checked into the UCLA Medical Center where he was under observation for exhaustion; after he allegedly attacked a gym worker, it was reported that West’s doctor had made the 911 call, urging the fact that West needed to be hospitalized for his immediate safety. There have been other rumors about why West was hospitalized– his step-brother; Carmichael, claimed that West feared for his and his family’s safety after his wife Kim Kardashian-West was robbed at gunpoint in Paris back in October.

“No one thought Paris would happen in a million years and now he’s seen it happen to Kim, it’s traumatizing,” Carmichael told the UK publication The Sun. “Ye is tired, he’s hurt, he feels betrayed and he’s probably feeling depressed.” He further went on to explain.

Another rumor was that Kanye was receiving the wrong dosage of medication that he’s long been using to help treat mental illness, and that claim was quickly denied by his camp. West’s mother-in-Law Kris Jenner also stated that it was due to exhaustion during a recent interview. Whatever the cause may be, it’s good to see him out and about again, and hope he’s getting the help he needs and recovers well.



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