Late Night Comedy Featuring “Guy Code/Girl Code” Comedians

Cast members from “Guy Code” and “Girl Code” came to Frostburg State University on Sept. 15, 2016 to put on a night of laughs and entertainment. “Guy Code” and “Girl Code” are both American comedy series featured on MTV about the rules that males and females should follow for situations in life. The show was held in the Manicur Assembly Hall at 9 p.m. This particular night wasn’t about any codes or rules, it was simply a night of laughter from a range of different topics.

The host of the show was Nessa Diab, a radio and TV personality and television host. Before staring on “Girl Code,” Nessa started her own show at KYLD WILD 94.9 and hosted “West Coast Report” on Power 106 KPWR. While doing all of this she still managed to graduate from the University of California Berkeley at age 20 with a bachelors in mass communications. Now you can catch Nessa on HOT97, “Girl Code”, and the “Real World Aftershow.” Another member of the cast, Jamie Lee, is an actress, writer, and stand-up comedian. She graduated from University of Texas at Austin. She appears on “Girl Code”, “Ridiculousness”, “Polished”, and “Chelsey Lately.” Andrew Schulz is a stand-up comedian, actor and television personality. Schulz has appeared on shows such “Guy Code”, “Girl Code”, and “The Brilliant Idiots.” He also appears on “Bender” which is currently available on Netflix.

Welcomed onto the stage first was Nessa who jumped right into questioning people’s relationships. She asked, “Is anyone in love?’’ One girl’s hand shot up and had no problem telling her about the love of her life. One student couple in the audience even said they were married. Nessa teased them about breakups and divorce but is in a committed relationship herself. Nessa gave female advice about relationships and questioned females about their level of craziness. Throughout her time on stage she stayed in tune with the crowd’s reactions and responses. Her topics consisted of sexuality, relationships, and dealing with difficult situations. She appeared on stage in segments welcoming the next guest and leaving behind something to laugh about.

Newly-wed Jamie Lee appeared on stage to speak about marriage, her ring, and her mother-in-law being in love with her husband. Her topics consisted of appearance, weddings, and everything in-between; she had no problem bluntly saying how she felt about any situation. In the middle of her segment the lights began to move and change colors, which she is clearly confused about, but jokingly asked why no one has asked her to dance. She tells how she worked at Comedy Central doing publicity as one of her first jobs when she saw stand-up comedy and decided she wanted to do that instead.

Lastly, Andrew appeared on stage, turning it up a notch and talking about anything from sex and politics to skydiving. Like any Frostburg visitor he questioned our location and the nature that is all around the campus. He comically shares his personal experience in nature and how he will do whatever it takes to survive. Andrew also explains his personal story about how skydiving should not have made him question his sexuality and how it was  a near-death experience. Through his segment he talks about sex and shares with us his love for Raya, a celebrity dating app, but Nessa tells us while he is dating he’s one of the most loyal men she knows.

The show ended with the traditional Q&A; questions ranging from what made you become a comedian to what’s the craziest position you’ve had sex. The guy code that Andrew left with the audience was to respect, appreciate, and listen to women. The girl code left by Jamie was don’t judge your friends even if they do something you don’t agree with. Lastly, the girl code Nessa left was be authentic, be true to yourself, and chase your dreams.

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