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On Tuesday, Sept 30, at 6:30 pm, one of Frostburg State University’s (FSU) newest student organizations, LEAD: Learn Empower, Act, Develop will be holding it’s first general body meeting in the Center for Communications and Information Technology, room 397.

LEAD is an organization that has the sole purpose of improving students’ leadership skills. The organization’s mission is to provide students with opportunities and experiences to create, build, and mold themselves into responsible, influential leaders who are capable of making lasting impressions on Frostburg State University and in the community.

President Sarah Deprey-Severance says they want to “create positive change,” while building leadership skills, and discovering the strengths of each student.

According to Severance, LEAD was started because FSU needed an organization that was “based on leadership on the campus.” Severance was a member of the known organization, National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS), but after last semester she and the executive officers decided to “change it up” and it would be best to transition NSLS to LEAD. The executive board includes President, Sarah Deprey-Severance; Vice President, Rachel Clark; Treasurer, Ife Awonjinrin; Service Coordinator, Stephanie Fazenbaker; Event Coordinator, Gabrielle Cousino; Team Building Chair, Katie Dixon; Technology Coordinator, Sara Ansteatt; and Public Relations Coordinator, Nick DeMichele.

LEAD aims to get involved with FSU and it’s members in a variety of ways which include LEAD talks, volunteering and service, team building activities, networking, and the “How Have You Led Today” Campaign. “We want the members to tell us what they need in order to improve themselves,” stated Severance.

Currently, the “How Have You Led Today” Campaign is being promoted by notecards and posters asking anyone who sees them how they acted as a leader that day and makes them think about what selfless act they did to help someone else. Severance stated, “Everybody is going to be a leader and a follower at different points in life, [but] it is important to know how to be a leader at the right time.” She then added, “Members of LEAD will learn how to empower themselves and others.”

LEAD is for the benefit of the students and will help them. Severance mentioned that ” Members of LEAD will be able to lead themselves and other people.” This “100% student-led” organizations aims to have members of Greek Life, athletes, freshman, transfer students, upper class students, and those already in leadership roles to join, with the idea that everyone can learn something from one another. The organization’s advisor, Doug Baer, stated, “[LEAD] It is open to all and anyone who wants to be inspired.”

Baer is “really excited” because he believes “this student-led initiative has so much potential,” and will be exactly what FSU needs. Baer referred to LEAD as a “Leadership one-stop shop,” implying that anything you could possibly need to become a leader, can be taught through LEAD.

So, if you are interested in becoming a leader or improving your leadership skills, and want to help make positive change at FSU, then get involved and join LEAD. If you have a busy schedule, do not worry they will be meeting once a month during the evening, making it convenient for you to stay up-to-date every month.

If you are aspiring to be someone in a leadership position, then why not start early and get the skills you need?

For more information on LEAD, please follow these links:
Sarah Deprey-Severance – sedeprey-severance0@frostburg.edu

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