Lonely Hearts Top 5 Games

Valentine’s Day, it can be wonderful, or just downright the loneliest day of the year. Just because you’re lonely doesn’t mean you can’t have fun this weekend, and to help you with that I’ll be counting down my top five games to help you forget all your worries. The qualifications of this list are that each game has to have a strong singleplayer component, has enough content to last you for at least the weekend, and love isn’t a big part in the story at all. I’d put The Witcher 3 on here but Geralt is too much of a ladies man. With that said, let’s get started.

  1. Fallout 4/Skyrim/Bethesda Games.

As I type this with my Pipboy resting on my desk, I’ll admit I’m just a little bit biased here. Why did I put down “Bethesda games” as one game? Well, the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series are kind of really similar to each other and I can’t recommend one over the other. You play as your own custom character proficient at a myriad of talents tailored to how you play exploring a vast open world on a grand quest with tremendous freedom, fitting description for both. Choose which you’d prefer, a standard fantasy with swords and spells, or a post-apocalypse with laser rifles and rocket launchers. If you’ve already played Fallout 4 or Skyrim, why not check out Fallout New Vegas, my favorite, or Oblivion?

  1. Transformers Devastation

This game isn’t based off the Michel Bay films of the same name, but based off the 80s cartoon some of us grew up with. More importantly this is developed by Platinum Games. You know, the guys who made Metal Gear Rising: Revengance, Bayonetta, and the upcoming Scalebound. Platinum Games are masters of the spectacle fighting genre, with combat so good that it has on more than one occasion made me leap out of my chair in joy for defeating the final boss. Transformers Devastation is a combination of all the elements of the previous Platinum games wrapped in 80s nostalgia. While this isn’t the longest game for the price, and some features like the loot system are sort of tacked on, it makes up for it with its wonderful fighting mechanics that make you coming back for more.

  1. Batman Arkham City

Being lonely isn’t bad, Batman is literally the loneliest superhero of them all, and he’s Batman. You take up the role of Batman to soar across the night sky of Gotham to defeat his greatest villains in this open world brawling game. Nothing is as satisfying as nose diving down on top of a Joker goon to beat the funny out of the rest them. But Jackson, you may be saying, what about Arkham Knight? Well, I haven’t played it, because I own a PC, and that was a bad port. Shame on you WB for trying to sell a downright broken product.

  1. Dark Souls

You are all alone in a dark world left to face impossible odds, the Dark Souls franchise is one known for its tight combat, and its crushing difficulty. Once you master it, you feel like you can take on the entire world, or maybe just the sequel. Now the only reason Bloodbourne isn’t on here is because I haven’t played it, even though I know how amazing it is. Tell Sony to put it on PC and maybe then I’ll pick it up, but in the meantime I’ll stick to Dark Souls to help me get ready for the third installment to be released April 11th.

  1. XCOM

You are the commander of an elite earth defense force against an alien invasion, and you have to build up your team and defenses while managing your limited resources and making the hard decision of where to protect as you simply do not have the power to protect the whole world at once. The sequel just came out in which the aliens have already won and you must coordinate the rebellion against the aliens. This isn’t a game to take lightly, the Dark Souls of strategy games, you have to really think to play this game and keep your team alive.

Bonus. Deadpool

Hey, so Deadpool came out in theatres. I’ma go see it, but I would kick myself for not mentioning the game that was released a while ago. While not the best game or longest game, if you are a fan of Deadpool it is worth checking out for the humor alone.

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