Majority of P.E. Center Fire Alarm System is Now Operational

The majority of the fire alarm system in the Frostburg State University’s Cordts P.E. Center is operational again, after a $250,000 repair, according to Bob Boyce, FSU’s facilities director.

In the email announcing this, Boyce said, “One zone is not functioning, the main arena and the offices towards the Hall of Fame Room. Because of this, the fire watch will be continued until we can repair the remaining zone.”

The fire alarm system was reported non-operational on September 21, 2015.  Students were informed of this on September 22.

“Until further notice, Facilities and Athletics staff will be instituting a “fire watch” in the PE Building,” said Boyce in his email to faculty and staff on September 21. “A “fire watch” consists of staff members being observant as they walk around the building looking for smoke or open fire and trying to identify unfamiliar smells. The fire alarm system has failed and will need to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. If you smell odors or see smoke or open flames, please call the County 911 Center and Campus Police. Neither the bells nor the strobes will work at this point to signal the need to vacate the building. The fire watch is necessary for us to continue using the building until the fire alarm system is operational again.”

David Rose, vice president for administration and finance, said that the broken parts in the fire alarm system were so old, there were difficulties finding replacement parts. Ultimately, officials opted to replace the system.

“When you look at our buildings, we have the oldest buildings in the [University of Maryland] System,” Rose said. “Well, when you have the oldest buildings in the system, what’s that mean? It means you’re going to have the biggest repair bills.”


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