Make Time for Yourself

Just Like Us

You’re just like me

Everyone will eventually turn their back on you.


You’re just like me

My life isn’t so bad; I fail but I always make it through okay.


You’re just like me

The cuts and bruises.

I can see the look, the eyes say it all,

so ashamed but happy to be free of the pain.


You’re just like me

Grandma is turning over in grave,

How can you look at yourself.


You’re just like me

You talk a big game but you won’t do nothing.

But you sat there and did nothing.


I’m not like you

I care about everyone around,

I would never hurt them.


You’re just like me

You think because you put everyone first,

that it makes you a good person.


He is nothing like us

Or maybe he is nothing like me.


Never Settle

Never compromising

Giving up was never the option.


Eyes fierce with a body made of glass,

But science gave him a body that would last.


The true hero, he always was even

Before the world said he was.


Like a tree rooted

He stands ready to brawl.


Make sure they make it home



Let Him Be

He took off like a ballistic missile.

Visionless to the world around him.

He is in harmony with the cosmos.

The blue dust storm followed him around the track.


Eyes were scorched by the cobalt lightning.

Around he went.

He was at peace,

no one could catch him.


No one dare to try.


On the off chance, you are ever enjoying the scenery.

Touch the ground, there is a story Gaia will reveal.

About a man who created,

hellish storms that could pierce diamonds.

Who could run through generations.


He knew the old man before he was the old man.

He was everywhere and nowhere.

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