Mass Communication Major Speaks About Internship

Bennie Watson III, a mass communication major with a focus in video production and minor in graphic design, was given an amazing opportunity through the department’s internship program; for his mass communication internship, Watson was given the chance to work with HD Productions and Riggo Productions this past summer. HD Productions is a multimedia company that works on creating projects through modern technology for their clients, which includes companies such as McDonald’s, Disney, and Chick-fil-A. Riggo Productions focuses on designing different kinds of video services as well as helping clients set up and promote live streams.

During his time with these two companies, Watson was given the chance to expand his creative horizons and hone his craft. HD Productions gave him the reins on a few projects and allowed him to use his skills in a way he would not be able to do in a classroom. During one assignment, he was able to design a cyc wall, which is a type of backdrop, for a professional photography session. However, photography was not the only endeavor Watson took on during his time with these remarkable companies. He ended up helping create freelance videos and designing logos and posters, as well as working in animation.

When asked about any notable experiences, Watson mentioned being able to work with a few celebrity clients. One of these clients was 50 Cent and his network manager, Jack Diller, where he got to not only work on a few projects, but also got an inside look at how exactly the company was run. He also had the chance to work with the Redskins football team as he helped capture the solider amputee game and work with Sirius Radio to help with live broadcasts. Overall, Watson was given the chance to work with multiple major figures and companies in the entertainment business on varying projects. Not only did working with these figures and businesses allow him to put his classroom knowledge into practice, but he was also able to network. Since his internship ended, both HD Productions and Riggo Productions have continued to stay in touch with Watson via social media, providing him with a vast range of people in the business to have as contacts once he graduates.

Since his time with these companies, Watson has stated that his graphic design skills have vastly improved.  From crafting posters for university sponsored events, such as Late at Lane, to working on promotional videos for on-campus organizations, like the University Programming Council, it is obvious that his skills with graphic design are incredible. Along with the internship, Watson has started his own business, Big Ben Visions, where he creates videos, designs flyers, produces animations, and edits. Any and all organizations and clubs on campus in need of any type of visual work are encouraged to check out Watson’s Instagram, @bigbenvisions, and contact him if they would like to work with him. Watson highly encourages any and all mass communication majors who have the time and ability to do an internship should do so stating, “I definitely do recommend other people to do an internship or even if not an internship to go out and try to do stuff.” Watson is a remarkable designer and as time goes on, his projects and enterprises will soon become recognizable to everyone.


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