Men’s Soccer Triumphs in Game #3

Frostburg State University’s Men’s Soccer won their third game of the season against the Bridgewater Eagles last Saturday on September 6th. Following their victory with the final score of 1-0, the men’s soccer team also received the 2015 tournament trophy on Sunday, September 7, 2015.

Even though the game ended with Frostburg on top, winning was definitely more challenging than it appeared. Both teams played a physical game that was tied for the majority of the time. The momentum of the game remained balanced in the first half, but things started to take a turn in Bridgewater’s favor when the Bobcats received a red card only 10 minutes into the second half, and were forced to play the rest of the game outnumbered in players.

In the end, FSU pulled a miraculous victory due to a late heroic effort by freshman Guy Nabo. With only 33 seconds in the game left, Nabo scored the game’s only goal on a free kick from 25 yards out. Using technique and skill, Nabo managed to drill the ball in the top left corner even though the Eagle’s goalie got a piece of it.

Along with the two recent wins, the Bobcat men show no sign of slowing down. When asked how the team managed to pull out another victory, back to back, Anthony Depaz stated “It’s all about team work. Our team worked hard and together today. We put our faith in one another. Even though we already have great chemistry, we just continue to communicate and play good defense”. Defense was definitely a key to success in this particular contest because even after the late goal, Bridgewater’s efforts to score remained relentless.

The team is already mentally preparing themselves for future tough opponents. “All we have to do is pick our heads up even when things aren’t going our way. We have to play with pride and play at the skill level that we know we are capable of performing at”, Depaz states.

Without a doubt, another prominent season is in the making.


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