Micah Headd – Determined On and Off the Field

Frostburg State University opened its field for the baseball season opener against York College of Pa, Wednesday, March 23. FSU’s men came out victorious ending the game with a heaping 7-4 final score. Starting the game off slow, the heat picked up in the bottom of the second when FSU took the lead 2-0. The game ended after the Spartans made an attempt to take the lead in the top of the ninth but it wasn’t enough to snatch the three-point lead.

The current record for the Bobcat men stands at 10-6. Although this season is off to a rather slower start than the previous season, the Bobcats have realized the improvements that need to be adjusted moving forward. “We’re behind. My first two years here we started off 12-0. It’s been a slower start this year but were turning the corner now,” says junior outfielder Micah Headd. The 6 losses that have pushed the Bobcats slightly back came from opponents like Pitt-Greensburg, Scranton, Ferrum, Marymount and more. “Those 6 losses were humbling losses. We don’t think we’re invincible anymore,” says Headd. Headd went onto mentioning how the team went back to the drawing board, focused and has been working on strengthening their weaknesses ever since.

Graduating from Bishop McNamara High School, Micah Headd serves as outfielder/pinch runner. Using his quickness and agility, Headd acquired his skills early on where he was the infielder and pitcher for his high schools’ baseball team. His hard work on and off the field became recognized when former FSU coach Schmidt recruited him from the Diamond Skills winter baseball camp. The decision to become a Bobcat is one Headd always supported as he states he “couldn’t have chosen anything better.” Declared as a double major in Criminal Justice and Sociology, he envisions himself permanently residing in North Carolina with a career in Police or Federal Law Enforcement.

Being a student athlete can be very time consuming, but it is during his downtime where Headd finds contentment. Although baseball has assisted Headd by helping to mold the person he is now, the importance of family is something that he really cherishes and values. “Family is everything for me,” says Headd. With his older brother Derrick setting a positive example and helping to guide him in the right direction, Headd plans on doing the same for his nephew Jonathan. Regardless of the circumstances, something that always serves as a motivator for Headd is his encouraging life motto. “It’s okay to fail, its okay to not do everything the way you want to do it, but as long as you work hard and progress toward your goal you can pretty much almost be satisfied until you accomplish what you actually need.”

Headd mentioned this quote really hitting home for him after the FSU baseball team won both the conference and regional championships. Looking back at his high experience as a Mustang, Headd distinctly remembers losing in the championship round by one point in both his junior and senior years. Focusing on what was important and always looking forward, Headd felt self-accomplished as he and the FSU team made it to the World Series in Wisconsin for the first time ever in the history of FSU baseball.

Looking to go further than the previous season, Headd stated, “I’m not satisfied with just a conference champ and a regional champ last year. Making it to Wisconsin last year, I want a another one.” Headd will assist the Bobcat men as they plan to have another stunning season.

The Bobcats will compete in the upcoming game against Wesley College on Saturday, March 26.

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