Middle States Team Visits FSU Campus

On Wednesday, Oct. 11, a team of visiting evaluators from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (Middle States) visited the Frostburg State University (FSU) campus to evaluate the institution’s progress towards meeting standard seven, institutional assessment.  In an email distributed to the campus on Thursday, Oct. 12, FSU President Dr. Ron Nowaczyk announced that the visiting team had, “commended FSU for its work on assessment and planning,” and is recommending that Frostburg is now in compliance with standard seven.  That recommendation will now go to a formal vote before the Middle States commissioners, who will vote on the recommendation sometime in November.  If the recommendation is accepted, then FSU will receive written notice that its “warning” has been removed.

Middles States is a membership association of regional universities that evaluates and accredits colleges and universities based on a series of standards, and Frostburg was found in 2016 to have not met the institutional assessment and the general education program standard.  Since then, the commission has found that Frostburg has met the general education program standard.

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