New Dining Experiences at FSU

When students returned to Frostburg State University for the start of the Fall 2014 semester, they were welcomed back by friends and professors. They were also welcomed back by a new dining services provider, Chartwells. Chartwells is a company serving K-12 and higher education dining needs. The company, whose motto is “Eat Learn Live,” brought a number of changes to dining at Frostburg. This includes renovations in the Chesapeake Hall, the addition of Moe’s Southwest Grill and changes to the Appalachian Station Food Court in the Lane University Center. However, the changes are not complete. A Subway located in Sowers Hall is scheduled to open October 13, 2014. A Starbucks will be opening in the Lane University Center in the Spring 2015.

David Glenn, director of dining services at Frostburg State University, reflected on the progress which has already been made. He said, “I think the renovations in Chesapeake Hall are pretty exciting. It is hard to believe what that space looked like only a few months ago. We can’t wait to complete the renovations this summer.” Glenn went on to say that the responses he has received have been positive and that, personally, he is excited for opening of Starbucks.

Students shared Glenn’s excitement for the additions of Starbucks, but many were more critical of the changes to the dining services. Some students, such as senior Erica Wright, preferred the old cafeteria station options. Wright liked the all day omelette station, which is now operating only for limited hours during the day. Wright also stated, “I liked the old salad bar in Appalachian Station Food Court. The new sandwich and salad station [called “Create”] isn’t the same alternative because they don’t have as many salad ingredients.”

Other students shared a variety of concerns, ranging from the small size of salads, suggesting bigger portions, to the limited fruit and meat choices in the cafeteria, suggesting alternatives to red meat and more exotic fruit.

Joshua Corbitt, junior, spoke highly of the Chartwells service, stating he “likes the way you can see your food being made right in front of you. I can see the employees put on gloves before they handle my food. It makes me feel good about what I’m eating.”

Glenn described the dining services of being very open to criticism and flexible. Student feedback is highly encouraged and can be submitted online at The website contains links not only for submitting feedback, but also provides students with information about the health facts of their food, the sustainability initiatives of the dining services, and even job applications. The staffing situation is currently variable, as the new options create the need for reassessment of labor. Glenn stated, “Our staff is learning how to use the new equipment and how to work in their new spaces. We are evaluating daily what our needs are and hiring appropriately.”

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