Nursing Master’s Program Likely Coming to FSU

The University System of Maryland has just approved a master’s degree in nursing at Frostburg State University (FSU). The program still requires approval by the Maryland Higher Education Commission and the Maryland Board of Nursing but as of now is on track to be set into motion.

Currently, FSU only offers a bachelor’s degree in nursing. The new program would add a master’s degree focused on either education or administration. This program is being brought back to address a shortage of nursing educators.

FSU’s current mission is to utilize being able to teach and learn these Master courses online.  Coming from Frostburg’s nursing website, “When discussion occurs in the classroom, whether via an Asynchronous Discussion ‘Chat’ Board or through a Synchronous ‘Virtual’ Classroom, critical thought, networking opportunities, and exposure to life-long personal and professional development proliferate. This type of collegiality also fosters exposure to research possibilities and best practice. Our students take these concepts back to their colleagues and work environments, thereby applying their learning to real-world situations, ultimately promoting professionalism and leadership within nursing practice.”

Along with offering a bachelors and master’s degree in nursing, the field comes with numerous student and professional organizations. Students will have the opportunity to join The National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) and Sigma Theta Tau, a nursing honor society.

The university stated that offering this educational degree would address a statewide and national shortage of nursing faculty. Although four other Maryland universities offer this degree, only Frostburg has an online option. This makes Frostburg attractive to working nurses with scheduling conflicts. Scheduling conflicts is an ongoing issue in the nursing field.

FSU’s nursing staff described their program as a program that “prepares nurses to assume roles in leadership, complex clinical care coordination, and community/public health and serves as the academic foundation for graduate study. The program is open to all registered nurses who meet the admission criteria. Courses will be delivered in a part-time plan of study using an entirely online format using synchronous online classrooms periodically throughout each semester to maximize student flexibility and maintain the student-faculty connection that is essential to academic success.”

Frostburg is excited to see a new major introduced and ready to watch it grow. The new availability of a nursing Master’s program will hopefully attract many students to Frostburg.

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