ObamaCare Plan Continues to Disappoint Patients

In March 2010, the Affordable Care Act emphasized its duty of trying to both improve the state of health insurance and make it more accessible for the people of America. Since then, it has proved to be convoluted and largely disappointing for those who have attempted to acquire plans.

The Affordable Care Act makes headlines once again with a new dilemma involving patients with serious pre-existing conditions. These patients, who were convinced that they were finally going to get help with the new system, may face high costs of treatments for their condition and will receive little to no help from the ObamaCare health plan.

Regardless of promises made, the plan will now leave a lot of patients helpless. Dr. Scott Gottlieb of the American Enterprise said in a statement presented to Fox News, “If the medicine that you need isn’t on that list, it’s not covered at all….so you’re basically on your own.” He explained that the money patients spend on medicine that is not included on the master list will not count against a deductible or out of pocket limits.

More troubling issues arise from the healthcare plan not providing patients with certain medicines. The issue of not having any alternative or generic versions of the medication required makes it difficult for patients to even buy medicine remotely close to what they need. When patients do not buy the proper medication, their illnesses can take a turn for the worse and soon have hospitals filled with those that did not seek the proper medical help.

Gottlieb looked at the issue of not having certain medicines from a different angle. He said that the drugs not on the list are actually more expensive than those on the list. He explained how paying out of pocket could allow participants to receive co-insurance. Co-insurance means that the plans will partially pay the cost of outside medicines. It has been concluded from the ObamaCare health plan that administrators needed more time to insure that the plan was more operational and covered more gray areas.

As a result of the new findings of this so-called beneficial health care, consumers and advertisers have little mercy on the subject and have had no issue with showing how disappointed they are from the results.

An ad on this issue being run by a conservative group called Americans for Prosperity. Their ad focuses on a woman named Emilie Lamb, who has lupus disease, explaining how she voted for President Obama but was let down with the negativity surrounding ObamaCare.

“I’m having to work a second job, to pay for ObamaCare….for somebody with lupus, that’s not an easy thing,” she said in the commercial.

As a college student health care reforms and medications are not the main focuses, but America has shown in the last few years, that they should be. A requirement for March of this year is that all persons over the age of 17 will be required to have health insurance.

When this topic was first brought to students at Frostburg State University’s attention, they were shocked. Though most of them are insured under their parents, there were a few who would be affected by the new requirement taking place in now, less than a month.

Senior and Exercise and Sports Science major, Lindsey Perkins, felt sympathetic for those who are suffering from chronic diseases and are not receiving the correct treatments. She said, “That is just sad. I heard about some issues involving the health care act, but I had no idea it was that bad. I will dedicate my future job to helping others for that reason.”

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