Off Campus Housing Fair

The time of the year is here for Frostburg students to begin to think about the next year of their matriculation here at Frostburg. This means that you may need to begin considering your housing options for the upcoming academic school year. The Housing Fair is an event that could be beneficial in helping students decide whether they would like to live on or off campus. The housing fair was held Monday, Feb. 6. Many property management companies were in attendance to talk to students about off-campus housing and their properties. The housing organizations at the housing fair include Carter & Roque Real Estate, Legacy Student Housing, Creative Property Management, Blossom Hill Farms Enterprises, University View Apartments, Evergreen Associates Student Housing, Ask George Property Management, Collegiate Flats Apartments, Above the Rest Rentals, and Edgewood Commons.

The staff members from the various property management engaged with students. They not only showcased their properties but educated and entertained the curiosities of students and perspective tenants. They answered questions students asked and gave advice to students. Students could talk to them  with regards to potential vacancies, setting up tours, and other curiosities.

Frostburg State University’s Student Government Association also had a table at the housing fair. SGA served to give advice to perspective tenants of the housing organizations. They were represented by students who had lived both on and off campus. The students gave potential tenants a plethora of ideas and topics to ask proprietors about. Some of the topics include, but are not limited to utilities, deposits, rent, house tours, and unexpected costs. SGA provided a very useful service to the students since the groups does not have connections to the property management companies. The SGA members provided unbiased advice for students from peers who are experienced in that field.

Deciding where to live can be a tough decision for many students. Various factors can influence a student in their decision to make the move off-campus. Sophomore Emily Bittner has lived both on-campus and off-campus. She prefers off-campus and had this to say, “I like off-campus housing. I like my personal space and that I get to hang with all my neighbors.” Proximity to campus is considered a downfall for off-campus housing. However, for Emily, this is not a big issue since she says she can walk to campus in less than 60 seconds. Personal space is a huge factor for students, since most on-campus housing have rooms meant for two people. Living off-campus grants an opportunity to have more privacy and diminishes the chances of conflict amongst roommates. Off-campus housing also provides freedom that could set a precedence for post-graduation life.


To find out more….
Frostburg’s Property Listings –
Above the Rest Rentals – (301)-707-0803
Ask George Property Management – (301) 687-0238
Blossom Hill Farms Enterprises –
Carter & Roque Real Estate –
Collegiate Flats Apartments – (301) 689-8966
Creative Property Management –
Edgewood Commons –
Evergreen Associates Student Housing –
Legacy Student Housing –
University View Apartments –

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