Omi Remixes Roots, Rap and Rarity

Determined to prove himself, Omi, popular breakout artist, delves deep into his Jamaican roots and embraces contemporary influences, such as Tupac or John Legend, to create his most recent album Me4U. Released on October 9, 2015, the world greeted Me4U with nothing but anticipation to get a taste of the newest album. The new album has garnered global sensational reviews.  From the talented artist behind noted hit song “Cheerleader,” Omi has yet to disappoint. Originally released in 2012, famed DJ Felix Jaehn put a quick spin to the hit song “Cheerleader” in 2014, releasing it one more time and shedding the limelight on Omi. Craving more from the gifted composer, listeners worldwide wanted more of his cool contemporary pop.

Just a few seconds of any Omi melody and it’s clear to see the strong Jamaican influence in his pieces. Creating a Jamaican-tempoed tune irresistible to human curiosity, Omi has always been deeply attached to his background, wanting it to be represented in his music. Even as a student, fellow classmates could not deny the talent Omi possessed in art and music, hoping and pushing Omi into a career of exploring his gift. Like a moth drawn to a flame, Omi flew straight into a career of poetic lyrics and cool tunes. With a strong attachment to his Jamaican roots, Omi remixes his skill of rapping with a chill Jamaican vibe into all of his compositions, establishing a rare but wonderful new genre of music.

Me4U contains all of the wonderful things that make Omi a magnetizing and fascinating artist: the unique combination of Jamaican roots, poetic genius, and a pop twist that make Omi a one-of-a-kind artist. This rare mix of ingredients is only highlighted even more with each song in Me4U. With featured artists such as Aron Chupa and Busy Signal, Omi leaves listeners with satisfying earworms anywhere and everywhere. On a powerful streak, songs within the newest album stick to Omi’s aspiration to hold onto his roots and portray his present-day inspirations. Songs such as “Drop In The Ocean” and “Babylon” have listeners tripping over themselves with excitement. Next to hit center stage was “Color of My Lips,” landing a spot in European top-hit charts, promising a lasting presence of Omi.

With a strong and extensive following from fans, Omi has hit the bullseye. Only a melody like “Hula Hoop” can influence a spontaneous burst of dancing. Only a tune like “Fireworks” can inspire sparks of excitement. Only a harmony like “These Are The Days” can produce a wide smile. Only an aria like “Midnight Serenade” can stir emotions. Omi has touched every end of the spectrum in his newest album, with the help of his perfect recipe for a composition. His Jamaican descent weighs heavily in his songs while his passion for music and art makes it more alluring. The incontestable poetry that permeate his lyrics reveal his fervor for music; unlike other artists, Omi truly feels his words and sings with warmth and eagerness to spread the joy of his musicality. Me4U is a spectacular album worth a second glance and definitely something that won’t soon regret.

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