“You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar” Perry Blows Away Super Bowl XLIX

Super Bowl XLIX (49) was full of chaos, ups and downs and gasps of shock that filled the Glendale Arizona football stadium as well as living rooms across the nation. While die-hard football fans were in awe that with half of a yard line to go, the Seattle Seahawks decided to throw the ball rather than run it in, others were blown away by Katy Perry’s dramatic halftime show.

Perry stunned the audience in the stadium and spectators at home with her stunning entrance on “horseback,” riding a robotic lion into the stadium. It was completely fitting that Perry opened her show with her hit song “Roar” from her latest album “Prism,” all on robotic lion horseback and, in typical Katy Perry fashion, ensconced in glitter from head to toe in a golden dress wrapped in fabric flames. Fans should have known at that point that Perry would produce an outstanding show.

Next, Perry strutted across a checkerboard stage through her dancers, who were costumed like silver chess pieces, to her catchy number “Dark Horse.” Perry is clearly not a dancer herself, but her backup dancers were on point. Their moves were tight and strong, and they hit every beat with fierceness and confidence.

Perry then threw it back with “Fly Away” singer Lenny Kravitz; the duo performed a rock & roll version of “I Kissed a Girl.” Afterward, Perry did a quick change, as did the stage. When she emerged, the stage was a beach and she herself was wearing a dress resembling a beach ball. Perry sang “Teenage Dream” and “California Girls.” At this point, despite her bad dancing, it was apparent that Perry was having a good time and the audience was really enjoying her show. Perry’s backup dancers were dressed as sharks, palm trees, beach balls and surfboards.

It didn’t stop there, of course. Perry threw it back again with hip hop artist Missy Elliot. While Perry did a quick change, Elliot broke it down with her dance moves and songs “Get Ur Freak On,” “Work It” and “Lose Control.” Once Perry returned, she blew the audience away with her oversized sweatshirt that doubled as a dress with a big “49” on it, in honor of the 49th Superbowl. Perry was clearly having the time of her life alongside the hip-hop diva.

During Perry’s entire halftime show, the audience was given the opportunity to enjoy the flashy pyrotechnics that lit up the stage and the stadium. But the audience got a finale to remember as Perry closed her show with her hit song “Firework.” Perry, who was safely strapped in, flew around the stadium on a shooting star. Throughout Perry’s performance of “Firework,” lights and fireworks filled the sky above the stadium.

Fans who attended the show in Arizona and watched in living rooms across the nation truly got a show during the 49th Super Bowl halftime show. Perry will be a tough performance to beat in future Super Bowls. Her show had it all flash, glamour, attitude and fireworks.

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