Poetry to Ease Through the Semester

More About Nothing

So self-consciousness about something

But just thinking about nothing

Life keeps moving, so get in the car and drive

So close but so far away.

She moves away from the negativity, looking for positivity

Not realizing the war never stops.

Going in for the thrill; sitting next to it,

She takes a hit of the blunt, and falls in to the euphoric embrace of sleep

He has loyalty and royalty inside his mind.

Meditation and distraction in is DNA,

He won’t run but instead stand.

Forgiving the bad, blessing the good and indifferent to what doesn’t matter.

She sleeps and dreams about nothing

He meditates about something

That man meets the woman.

They see somebody in each other.

Not knowing that somebody is them.

Everybody’s nobody, nobody is somebody,

Somebody told me I could be anybody.

The two talk and like what they see and


Life puts people through twist and turns

To see who can adapt.

Better to be something, than someone.

It forces the world to figure you out.


Nature or Nurture

The nappy hair, that everyone loves to stroke.

Skin color that was determined before you can breathe,

Standing up when, the world covers eyes.

Lessons learned from the road.

The ability to find themselves,

In the gray.

Life has no one meaning.

Stay true, you will face

The curves and turns.

Maybe the red hair is a symbol of strength?

The hazel eyes represent wisdom.

Height measures temper.

We are all different forms of the same game.

Ignore it if you want.

This is just a thesis of how,

Life forms from its pieces.


The Quiet Den

They can kill without warning.

Throats slit with ink streams.

The terror that they can bring,

But they only wait for reaction.

A boy taught to live life.

Possibly told to stay away from the others,

Such a strong ghostly presence.

Can anyone really get away from them?


A girl, will see the courage to stand up.

She will use those of the past to move forward in life.

No pain is as great as

What was described to her.

These words can create hell or peace.

No one knows how to interpret them, so many different views.

Only how they see it.

Such as the life in a world full of silent beasts.

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