Poetry to Soothe Your Mind

What Makes You

Jordan, cold as ice as the old folks say.

How is he so cool? Headphones on bobbin’

Touch the sky, supafly, that’s the guy.

Everywhere he goes he gets a wave.

Boys in the neighborhood ask,

“Ay man, what’s the word?”

Jordan hears the question,

“Be good and if you can’t, don’t get caught.”

Jordan was no fool, never lost his cool.

He was always true. A demeanor so bold.

How was he so composed?

His life a wonder.

“Maybe it was his smile”

“Naw, he just a smooth talker”.

“He is just smart and handsome”.

Everyone had an answer, but what was the truth.

How was he so cool?

Her name be Susie May

She moved mountains with a glance.

The best thing for him.

That’s why, he is who he is.

He visits her every day, flowers in hand.

When he gets to her. He breaks from his mold.

Tears run about the thoughts of old.

He leans down to the grave,

“Thanks for everything Grandma May”.


What A Marvel

She reads to get away.

Following to see what the pages sing.

Her eyes bare, to the wonder of a vision,

she becomes them.

A captain, a soldier, a spy, an alien.

Maybe even a God, such a sensation.

Worlds so far away from the psyche but close to the diaphragm.

Many laugh, but she continues her adventure.

The repulsive snap from a family who doesn’t understand.

A mother green with eruption. A brother’s icy blaze.

They try to bring her to reality, but these books bring clarity.

Creation they can’t comprehend.

A world where she can move mountains with the flick of a finger.

Bring justice like She-Hulk, Beat down the boys like Captain Marvel.

Be who she wants to be similar to Mystique.

There is evil but good always willing to fight.

She may never touch the wonders of their world.

The colors vibrating through her eyes like Storm

Seeing the pages once every week, so unique.

Something new, something bold, something just for show.

She can taste the scalding steel, feel the impact of the blast.

Each one gives her hope, what a Marvel.


What A Catch

Holding on to the moment. I toss it in the air.

Watching it descend without flair,

remembering how gutless I felt in that moment.

Deep breathe in this bubble,

Cold sweat dripping from the forehead,

I froze at the flick. Gravity pushing the bat down

.500 of a second to see and drive.

Stranded like a bottle at sea. Am I the genius or the simple fool for doing this?

Will my eyes abandon me, leaving me to sway,

like Ray. Here is peace and war.

.300 remain

Time seems to skip here. My ice shell broken,

two forces collide. The moment a stampede of potential.

I lose the orb in that celestial sphere, I look down.

I run, for the heavens, for glory, for me.

Glancing down, holding in the natural cradle.

I never let the moment go.


My Song for You

Mom uses the same recipe, but the mac & cheese ain’t the same.

Grandpa still goes to the garden to water your flowers.

It’s like you never left on your trip.

What a sweet ride you got in.

Brand new teal limo, white trim, leaving in style.

I look back and see your face.

What a delightful surprise, but I can’t hear your


So long has is it been since I held your hand or

Felt one of your sugary hugs.

Things haven’t been the same.

I look back in hope some days that you will return but I know

That’s not happening. You are there to stay.

So I do what I can,

I never said that you died.

I just said that you live where I can’t see.

We used to sing together, now I sing only for

You to hear.

I have my life to live and I will do it.

Always with you in mind. I will sing my song, walk tall and

Live in the moment.

No can ever take back what you did, oh so special.

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