Pre-Professional Medical Society Provides Learning Opportunities for Aspiring Doctors, Medical Practitioners

The Pre-Professional Medical Society at FSU is a student organization for those interested in a professional career within the medical field. This organization reaches out to students beyond just pre-med and includes other groups like “dentistry, veterinarians, pharmacy, physical therapist (PT), athletic training, nursing and more,” says Brian Day.

President Brian Day is a sophomore majoring in chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry. Along with minoring in biology, Day aspires to be a pharmaceutical scientist who researches and develops medicine. When asked how the Pre-Med Society has been advantageous toward his career path, Day stated, “getting to talk to the speakers especially like grad students and knowing where I should be right now, that’s very helpful.” Also, “learning how to take standardized tests and how being involved is very important.” Assisting Day are the other executive board members that each have responsibilities to fulfill. As president, “I look over all the executives and make sure they’re doing all their positions.” These other positions include VP, Secretary, Treasure, Historian, Education Chair and Program Chair.

These speakers Day referred to are the medical professionals that assist students in guiding them. Helping them with things such as pre-requisites and standardized tests, the Pre-Med Society students are given chances to have a look inside of the professional world along with being able to take the necessary tools to get there. Last semester the Pre-Med Society had the privilege of sending 15 active members to attend the West Virginia Schools Of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM). Students attending got the opportunity to gain a further understanding in their field of interest along with hearing from speakers already within their professional careers.

Junior and health science major, Brandy Barnes has been an active member within this organization for over a year. After graduating in the spring of 2017, Barnes plans on going to medical school with the aspirations of being an Obstetrics and Gynecology Physician.

“A friend who is in med school told me about this society and how it was beneficial to her,” Barnes said. “So, my freshman year spring semester I decided to join the organization and see what it was about. Definitely being around people who are in the same major as you and have the same aspirations as you is very beneficial. People come in from different medical schools and having the advisors come in a tell us what we need to do in order to get into medical or even dentistry school, it really helped me.”

This organization consists of 60 members. As Day took on the role of presidency one initiative he set to order was changing the bylaws concerning what it takes to be an active member. “We have been changing the bylaws because they were very poorly worded. Previously we had a point system and if you didn’t show up to meetings you would get points. You also have certain hours of volunteer activities that you have to attend; the system was up to 25 points. We’re starting a new thing were we want the involvement but we are making it easier because as pre-med majors it can be very difficult with all the classes and everything, but you have to attend the blood drives and work those hours. And we’re going to have three big volunteer activities so you have to at least attend one of those.”

The three volunteer activities mentioned are the blood drive, Relay For life and volunteering at the animal shelter. Barnes mentions that the “Relay For Life is a fundraising event raising awareness about those with cancer and donating the money to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. The relay team last year from Pre-Med Society raised over $6,000.” This year’s Relay For Life is April 29th at 6:00 and the Pre-Med Society is excited and eager to exceed last year’s expectations.

If any student is interested in joining the Pre-Med Society or wants to find out more information, e-mail Brian Day at

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