Rebels Season 4: Heroes of Mandalore

Rebels Season Four, episodes one and two, Heroes of Mandalore, aired on Monday Oct. 16, and overall it was decent. The episodes had a few good points and moments sprinkled throughout the two-episode story, but there were a lot of really stupid moments in the episodes.

Throughout the arc of the show there were a lot of dumb things that happened. In the very beginning, the seriousness of the show was undercut by Ezra being unable to control his jetpack. While it makes sense that he is unable to maneuver the jetpack, it is completely unnecessary for it to be in the episode, as it undercut the seriousness of the attack on an imperial stronghold to search for Sabine’s father. Later on, when the weapon that targets Mandalorian armor goes off, it would have been better if Sabine’s mother and brother weren’t shown as surviving so soon. It would have been a good story line to explore the idea of Sabine dealing with the guilt of creating the weapon that destroyed her family. It would be good to see the show go very dark considering that the timeline is getting very close to the beginning of A New Hope and the Galactic Civil War is in full swing.

The episodes did have a lot of good character development in Sabine. She had to deal with the fact that she created a weapon that targets Mandalorian armor and could destroy her entire culture, which is a really interesting idea to explore.

When rescuing Sabine’s father, the imperial stronghold attack turned out to be a bust, and Sabine’s father is transported to the capital city of Mandalore for a public execution. The scene where they rescue him is one of the best scenes in this episode because the show does action very well, and the scene is a longshot action sequence reminiscent of the tank scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The rebels went into the transports and started slaughtering Storm Troopers to the point that the transports go off of the cliff. At this point, Ezra recognized his inability to use a jetpack and gave his to Sabine’s father, Ezra then went on top of the transports and force jumped to the edge of the cliff where Sabine helped him all the way back onto the cliff.

Finally, Mandalore, which is a clan system culture, was fully united under the dark saber that was originally from the only Mandalorian Jedi. The saber is a symbol of Mandalore, which Bo Katan took up to defeat the empire and assist the Rebels.

Rebels Season Four continues on Monday Oct. 30.

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