Students “Release the Beast” at Homecoming Pep Rally


DSC_2325 (1)On Thursday, Oct. 19, at 7 p.m., Frostburg State University (FSU) students and faculty occupied the Main Gym for this year’s annual Homecoming Pep Rally.

Performers went all out for FSU's annual Homecoming Pep Rally.
Students take the stage during the Pep Rally to kick-off Homecoming weekend.

“The Pep Rally is intended to pump up the student body for not only the Homecoming football game, but to celebrate school spirit as well. Since it is one of the largest attended events on campus, its other purpose is to unite the campus community as a whole.” SGA Vice President and Homecoming Committee Chair, J. Gourdin told The Bottom Line (TBL).


This year’s Homecoming King, Bentley Ukonu.

Gourdin also MC-ed at the Pep Rally, as she kept the audience lively and introduced a variety of acts throughout the night.

“We got some serious talent in the house, Frostburg,” exclaimed Gourdin at the beginning of the night.

Dressed in black and gold, FSU’s Strutters dance team kicked off the Pep Rally with their performance, followed by a routine from FSU’s cheer team. The brothers of FSU’s Kappa Sigma Delta also livened up the audience with their hip-hop dance routine.

The Strutters Dance Team line the mats during FSU's cheer routine.
The Strutters Dance Team line the mats during FSU’s cheer routine.

After Gourdin introduced FSU’s Greek organizations and fall sports, students welcomed the football team with open arms while chanting “Go Bobcats!” Accompanied by FSU’s football head coach, DeLane Fitzegerald, senior players assisted him in a brief speech on stage before joining the rest of their team.

Soon enough, male and female student models from FSU’s diverse modeling organization, Visual Couture (VC) took over the stage. Incorporating about three to four models at a time, each posed and performed a dance routine to a variation of different songs.

Next up was Paparazzi Perfect, a theatrical modeling organization at FSU that includes not only the basic aspects of modeling, but intense choreography and elements of hip-hop dance, as well. Models strutted their stuff in sparkly stilettos, bodysuits, and fishnet tights before moving from the main stage to the dance floor.

Student performers line-up to keep the Pep Rally lively.

Amongst the other student organizations that performed this year was FSU’s African Student Association (ASA).

“ASA is an organization that spreads the African culture, promotes unity, and focuses on community outreach on the Frostburg campus. All are welcome to join our organization whether you’re African or not,” said ASA’s President, Deborah Aiyegbusi.

ASA’s dance team spent several weeks preparing for this year’s Pep Rally, according to Aiyegbusi. However, after running into a few complications during rehearsal, Aiyegbusi mentioned, “For now, we will just be focusing on our annual pageant every fall and annual showcase every spring for the rest of this school year.”

FSU’s Black Student Alliance (BSA) performed next, including members from their relatively new dance team, BSA Babes.

 “The vision for the BSA babes was a dream brought to me by two sophomore students, Elexis Thomas-Taylor and Taylor Singleton. Being that I had experience with dance and cheer, I knew this vision was one that’d I’d like to see come to life. So, we did it! Our first try out was within the last week of September, and by the beginning of October a team was finalized and the girls rehearsed 3-4 times a week to prove that they had what it takes to perform for homecoming. The BSA Babes shine a new light on dance and cheer here at Frostburg and also celebrate the diversity within these broad spectrums,” said BSA’s President, Jakerya Randolph.

Following the BSA Babes, this year’s Homecoming court filed onto stage before introducing themselves and the various student organizations they are a part of. However, this was the first year FSU had a Homecoming Prince and Princess.

The only contestant who ran for Prince, Walter Tchougoue, claimed his title with this year’s Princess, Kalyn Brown.

Meanwhile, Bentley Ukonu was crowned King, along with Ameyu Ayana who was crowned Queen.

Ameyu Ayana (right) getting crowned Homecoming Queen.

As the gym echoed with cheers from supportive students, the Pep Rally came to an end. Thanks to the various student organizations, SGA, and hard work from J. Gourdin, this year’s Pep Rally was a success.


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