Reported Gas Leak on Bowery Had More Innocent Cause

The Frostburg City Fire Department responded to a call at 115 Bowery Street on Monday evening around 7 PM, when the residents had reported smelling natural gas. The fire department had traffic blocked at the intersection Bowery Street and College Avenue for about 25 minutes in order to investigate the report.

Upon their arrival, residents at 114 Bowery also reported smelling natural gas.

The department had crews investigate both residences, as well as the surrounding area in order to find the source of the smell.

Doug Hanson, the department’s Fire Chief, explained that the cause of the smell was found to be a charcoal grill in the rear of 110 Bowery, which he said “had been going for about an hour.”

After the source of the smell was identified and it was determined there was no safety threat, residents were allowed back into their homes and the department cleared the scene.

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