Rounding the Bases of Life

Pick One

Crack, pop or the roaring sound of thunder.

The sphere of torment that gives them hell.

Destroy with the staff of vengeance.

This staff is unique to each person.


They come in colors, of the rainbow.

The color pink, specifically for breast cancer.

The staffs, take much abuse.

Constant swings, dragged across the ground,

banged against cleats, or thrown in the air.


Through it all they remain tough.

Their purpose is to bring salvation to one,

and horror to another.

One can pick them up whenever they are near.


But just like Excalibur, you must be worthy of the staff.

For many try, but only few can use it to the full extent.

Giving them a place in the Hall of Legends.


Good Talk

Finally, its spring, no more snow.

“Don’t forget to wash your clothes”

Where is that damn ice cream truck at?

“Did you eat today?”

So many sugary dimples out there.

“Make sure you get enough sleep each night.”

Who can do homework, anymore?

“Boy, are you listening to me.”

One more year and I am done.

“One more year my ass, if you don’t answer me.”

No more hearing, professor Jones talk about cells.

“Every day you learn something new.”

Hahaha, you’re right mom, thanks for the talk.

“I know I am, keep on moving forward,

Nothing can stand in your way.”


Never Forget

Jordan cold as ice as the old folks’ say

How is he so cool? Headphones on bobbin

Touch the sky, supafly, that’s the guy.

Everywhere he goes he gets a wave


“Ay man, what’s the word?”

boys in the neighborhood ask.

Jordan hears the question,

“Be good and if you can’t, don’t get caught”

They all laugh as Jordan keeps on.


Jordan was no fool, never lost his cool.

He was always true. A demeanor so bold.

How was he so composed?

His life a wonder.


“Maybe it was his smile.”

“Naw, he just a smooth talker.”

“He is just smart and handsome.”

Everyone had an answer, but what was the truth.

Even with all the questions no one dare to ask.


How was he so cool?

Her name be Susie May

A woman that moved mountains with a glance.

The best thing to happen to him.

That’s why he is who he is.


He visits her every day, flowers in hand.

When he gets to her. He breaks from his mold.

Tears run about the thoughts of old.

“Thanks for everything Grandma May.”

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