Semester Coming to an End



The clang of metal doors

Future in the sign above me


We see the stretch of misery, how

Did you sleep? The life we dream

So far away but right in front.


Try, try, try but instead of you going again.

You give in to fate, the sugary dimples you love

So much, fade to black


Life is a dream, the white pearly sun.

Watch the kids run, soaking the air.


Then the bang, of the metal in face.

The clang of metal doors.


Future that was above me, gone before I could

Reach it.


Just A Bit Weird


The voice in front speaks of living in the moment.

Don’t think about unseen, it says but I think

How life is almost completely ambiguous.


The voice to my right says think about death.

The warm embrace of death’s cold hands.

How life cuts through us all with a sickle.


Listening to them speak I move around. Walking

Through town, seeing the families play.

Baseball in full swing, the wonder of spring.


I see friends outside for a drive.

Is it calmness of spring? Maybe the heat of

The moment.


As I walk I feel an uneasiness from what was spoken to me earlier.

Were they my thoughts playing games or were,

They true feelings?


I sit outside on the bench near a track.

The voices return, and I ask a simple question.

What happens if I ignore you and just go about my day, and my life.


As I sit back, I smile and look up at the sky.

Life is a crazy thing, I’m hearing voices, but I don’t

Think I’m crazy.


Just weird and I am okay with it.

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