SGA Approves Large Slate of Funding Packets

The Oct. 28 SGA meeting in the Lane Center Atkinson Room started at 7:35 p.m., with the usual beginning remarks, the roll call, and approval of last meeting’s minutes. The discussion began with the executive remarks, and SGA President James Kirk presented a historic Frostburg State College Student Association office sign that once hung in Gunter Hall during the 1970s. During homecoming weekend, an SGA alumnus who had owned the sign for over forty years donated the piece of SGA history back to the organization.

After that, the SGA president went on to talk about homecoming, with Vice President J Gourdin mentioning how this year’s Homecoming went really well, had a great turnout, and needed only minimal clean up afterwards. The members of SGA also discussed how the first Late at Lane involving alcohol (Oktoberfest theme) actually went pretty smoothly, and they hoped to allow students that kind of freedom in the future. The donations for Toys for Tots charity also went really well, as there were a lot of donations to said charity.

On the topic of student affairs, the SGA has been sending out an advising survey, and are looking into resources for first generation students, which are students that are the first of their families to attend college, and don’t have prior knowledge/resources of what to do. They’re also looking into how to address landlord meetings and some academic affairs issues. Senator Brandon Tenney mentioned that courses had been added to the Physics major requirement, and that the catalog has been updated to accommodate the changes. With the business out of the way, the SGA members moved onto the event funding packet, with ASA going up to the podium to speak first.

The African Student Association, or ASA, requested funding for their 9th annual beauty pageant. They had done some fundraising in the total of $149, and had requested $2,241.60 for the event, most of the cost going towards Lane Center fees. The Senate Finance committee recommended partial funding of the event, in the amount $2,165.55. The event funding was called into open discussion, and the members of ASA were questioned about the event. “Ms. ASA,” the winner of the last pageant, told the SGA that their beauty pageant has four rounds, which are talent, Q & A session, treasure chest, and the initial walk down the runway. The pageant has sold out twice last year and is always a huge success. The discussion ended very shortly, with no objections to the funding packet. After ASA, Creative Minds went up to the podium to discuss event packet funding for their American Idol event.

Creative Minds requested $2,350 for their American Idol event, coming Nov. 2, which is this upcoming Thursday. The members of Creative Minds explained the event to SGA, noting that the American Idol event is basically a student-run event, where contestants go through three rounds singing a cappella.  The crowd gets involved and votes for whoever they think should win. At the end, the judges decide who wins each round. This will be the second annual American Idol event that Creative Minds will host, and the event is free. Senator Tesfaye noted to the other board members that she was a part of the event last year, and that it was a really fun and great event. The packet was called to question by senator Itabor, and the packet was approved.

After Creative Minds was the Frostburg International Relations Club. The International Relations Club requested $750 in event packet funding to attend the University of Pennsylvania Model United Nations Conference, which is November 9-12; the full funding of the packet was recommended. The members of the International Relations Club explained that the conference is mostly geared towards learning about international relations, and it helps them prepare for future study or careers in the field. The event was then called to open discussion, where Vice President Gourdin asked the IR members how their attendance at the event helps students at FSU. Vice President Gourdin reminded the other members that when students run events and ask for funding, that it is important that the students bring back what they learned to the campus community. The event is a big one, and the senators appreciated that with how many schools attending, that Frostburg will be put on the map from students attending the conference. The IR Club was awarded the event funding packet, and then the mic was turned over to the Marketing Club.

The Marketing Club requested $1,735 to attend the 2017 NY Women in Communications Conference on Nov. 18. SGA recommended partial funding in the amount of $750. Haley Coleman, the Marketing Club chair, spoke to SGA explaining what the event was going to be about. The event will be the full Saturday of Nov. 18, along with a career fair and workshops, and a lot of keynote speakers from organizations such as Google. They plan on taking 16 students, and they hold an open event for anyone to join their club. The members attended the conference last fall, and the club is open to everyone. Coleman stated that the event was an opportunity for her and the other members to share their knowledge and help students around campus. Before the event funding packet was passed, the Governance Chair, Senator Puffinburger requested a roll-call, and Puffinburger abstained from voting, while for others, it was a unanimous “yea.” Puffinburger explained that it is common SGA practice to abstain from voting on an event they may take part in, and she will likely be attending the conference as a member of the Marketing Club. The event packet was passed, and the final event funding packet of the night was the NSBE.

The National Society for Black Engineers, or NSBE, requested for $2,700 for their fall regional conference occurring on Nov. 10-12. They did fundraising in the amount of $400, and the Senate Finance Committee recommended partial funding in the amount of $750. The NSBE is open to all students, and the conference has opportunity and experience workshops, and representatives from famous companies, such as Facebook. Vice President Gourdin asked NSBE how their event is going to benefit the students on campus once again. The NSBE member at the mic stated that the members will share what they’ve learned and their experiences with their fellow students, and they’re going to host a workshop. The immediate president of NSBE for the past 2 years stated that the NSBE has had various development workshops in the past, and shared interview tips that they’ve learned. The workshops were fun, and the students enjoyed themselves and learned a lot about interviews and many other things. Senator Tesfaye then spoke, saying that she’s attended the conferences and events hosted by NSBE, stating that these events are very great opportunities for students on campus. The event was quickly called to question, and the packet was approved.

With the last event funding packet out of the way, the meeting moved into open announcements. Vice President Gourdin told the SGA that the American Idol event will be the last event for which Creative Minds will need outside security.  Vice President Gourdin and President Kirk then spoke about SGA members being careful of what they post on social media, and the meeting was adjourned shortly after.

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