Siemann Pleads Guilty to Charges

On January 24, Professor Arthur Siemann, then Chair of Frostburg State University’s Department of Kinesiology, plead guilty to two of the ten charges of fraud and theft for which he was arrested for on-campus on October 23, 2013.

The plea agreement resulted in Siemann pleading guilty to two counts of Fraud-Per ID Infotheft $500+, being sentenced to one year in the Allegany County Detention Center with 9 months suspended, 18 months unsupervised probation, and he will have to make restitution to his brother, David Siemann, in the amount of $50,000.

Detectives with Allegany County Sheriff’s office and the Combined County Criminal Investigation unit (C3I)  served a warrant that resulted in the arrest of Associate Professor, Dr. Arthur Siemann, of Frostburg State University’s Kinesiology (formerly Health and P.E.) department. Charges included identity fraud, theft of $10,000 to $100,000, and a number of other charges. After Siemann was brought before the court, he was released on $35,000 bond, according to a report filed by C3I Detective Vincent Benson.

Siemann had been scheduled to appear before the Allegany District court two times before the January 24 hearing, but was granted a continuance both time. Prosecutor Kelty informed The Bottom Line that Siemann wanted to make restitution to his brother and both sides wanted to, “make sure everything was in order first.”

The money that was stolen comes from an IRA account that belonged to the Siemann’s father who passed away in November 2003. According to the arrest report, Siemann allegedly doctored a social security card in order to obtain a false state identification and stole a coworkers Notary stamp in order to have all documents necessary for the funds to be sent to him, including an FSU employee ID.

Siemann’s attorney, Stephen C. Wilkinson of Cumberland, stated in court that his client had tried to contact his brother, who had changed his name to Craig Eliot in 1996, but was unable to do so. Wilkinson stated that his client’s intent was to hold on to the money, $45,510, until he could find his brother, but eventually the money was used to pay off money owed on time-share properties, credit card and other debt.

When asked for an interview at the courthouse by The Bottom Line, Siemann said, “No comment.”

Siemann is currently listed on the Department of Kinesiology website, but his name has been removed from the directory webpage on FSU’s website, and he is no longer listed on the FSU PAWS class search for the Spring 2014 semester.

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