Sloop Institute for Excellence in Leadership Recognizes 38 Students

On March 3 and 4, the Sloop Institute for Excellence in Leadership was held for the 19th year in a row. This program recognizes the top student leaders on campus, and it works to enhance their skills for their organizations.

This year the institute kicked off with an etiquette dinner on Friday night to show participants what it would be like for Saturday’s dinner. The dinner on Friday was directed by Chartwells Director of Dining Services, David Glenn. The students thoroughly enjoyed the six course meal that was provided as part of their lesson.

The second day started with breakfast with the members of the Frostburg Foundation Board of Directors. The students had the opportunity to engage with them on a less formal setting. From there, the Director of Leadership and Experiential Learning, Doug Baer, led the group to roundtable discussions, with each table having different topics to discuss. The participants of the Sloop Institute were able to hear professional opinions on topics that some organizations struggle with or even thrive with.

Later in the day, the students listened to five presenters talk about the main focuses of the leadership competency model that was developed on campus a few years ago. Each presenter was an alumna of Frostburg, and each had very different presentations that eventually all connected into what being a leader means.

Throughout those sessions, students were required to move tables after each speaker. This gave them the opportunity to not only network with the presenters, but other students as well. Each presenter gave their contact information for the participants to continue networking after the event.

The institute weekend concluded with a formal dinner with the institute participants, the students on the President’s Leadership Circle, and alumni.

Several remarks were made in honor of the late Dr. Sloop, as well as the awarding of the Robert and Joanna Weimer Scholarship. Sophomore Destiny Saulsbury was awarded the Sloop Institute exclusive scholarship for the 2017-18 school year.

To conclude the evening, Doug Baer alongside Jane Sloop and Dr. Bowling, handed out the medallions of completion to each institute participant. 38 students received the medallion upon completion of the institute.

The institute aims to hone and enhance the leadership skills that the students already come in with for their organizations, and it also works to put a real world spin on leadership outside of the campus.

For more information about the Sloop Institute for Excellence in Leadership contact Doug Baer, the Director of Leadership and Experiential Learning at

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