SOAR Hosts Organization Presidents Meeting to Instill Leadership Skills

The Office of Student Activities and Greek Life (SOAR) hosted a meeting in the Lane University Center, inviting organization presidents to attend on Thursday, September 6, 2016. The meeting was aimed at better preparing on-campus organization presidents to lead their groups.

Robert Cooper, Director of Student Activities and Greek Life, led the meeting with an educational and responsive presentation. The meeting covered the responsibilities and duties of each organization. Cooper emphasized punctuality, communication, goal setting, and the roles of being president of an organization.

“I wish to pass onto the organization presidents the leadership skills of delegation, goal setting, organization development, and leadership development for those coming after them,” commented Cooper on his ambitions in regards to the purpose of the meeting.

This was the second Organization Presidents Meeting held by SOAR and first of the semester. Of the 154 organizations listed on Bobcat Connect, 63 had a representative arrive to the meeting.

Many of the presidents attending the meeting found the presentation to be very helpful and informational.

Lisa Romero, an FSU senior and representative of Alpha Sigma Alpha, commented, “The presentation was very useful. Definitely knowing what’s going on around campus and what’s going on with things was very informative.”

Cooper stressed interactive participation during his presentation and even asked for feedback on what the organization representatives were concerned about. Some of the issues addressed by students included problems with setting up a bank account for organizations, especially those that are new to the university, and the lack of on-campus storage for organizations. Every issue brought up during the meeting was written down and advised that it would be resolved.

Kaelan Keller, an FSU junior and representative of Burg Peer Education Network, reflected on the presentation stating, “The greatest thing that I found helpful was just getting up on what is going to be improved to help our organizations.”

SOAR plans to hold two Organization Presidents Meeting a semester. If the students find the meetings are helpful and important, the meetings will be held once a month. SOAR also holds a variety of training sessions and workshops available for organizations and students to gain from.

“If a student can learn something that they can take back to their organization that will aid in its growth then we have done our job. If the organization is sustainable and moving forward then it is a good free service,” commented Cooper.

The event is part of the ongoing evaluation of student organizations mandated by the Middle States Commission accreditation team, whose Spring evaluation of the university requires the school to evaluate the General Education Program, as well as learning outcomes and the effectiveness of evaluation across campus. SOAR’s examination of student organizations is due by the end of the year. Organizations unable to justify their purpose may be examined for necessity and effectiveness. Events in the style of the Presidents Meeting are aimed to assist organizations in their internal operations and effectiveness.

The next Organization Presidents Meeting for this semester is scheduled for Tuesday, December 6, 2016.

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