Spring is Just Around the Corner in Frostburg

The sounds of birds chirping, beautiful displays of spring flowers, and bright, green trees abundant with fresh leaves is what most of us hope for after this frigid and snowy winter. The arrival of spring chases away those winter blues and  beckons everyone to go outside and enjoy the warm weather and bright sunlight.

Although students still have to attend regular classes and keep up with assignments, many students try to spend their spare time, or even their homework time, outside in the fresh spring air.

On campus, many sit in the upper quad enjoying the spring air and the smell of fresh flowers in the air while others sit near Dunkle Hall and spend their time playing on their guitars and singing for passersby. Ashley Zollicoffer enjoys just hanging out outside in the spring air when spring arrives.

Living in Western Maryland offers to us a variety of different activities we can partake in to stay active. And what do students on campus enjoy doing outside? Student Molly Trageser says she goes “outside to parks.” The city of Frostburg’s Parks and Recreation states that throughout Frostburg, there exist seven parks amounting to over 115 acres of land. 

Another advantage of living in Western Maryland is its many trails that one can bike, hike, or walk on. The Allegany Rail Trail is a popular biking and walking trail that students can enjoy that is nearby. There are also many hiking trails that one can walk through, like the trail through the Finzel Swamp just a few miles out of Frostburg. It is a great way to get outdoors, enjoy the outside plant life, and even observe animals in their natural habitats. FSU student Madison Fell enjoys biking, while Ellen Engle says, “I really like to hike.”

What better way to hike than to visit the other state parks that are in Western Maryland? Within miles from Frostburg students can visit the Rocky Gap State Park and hike their lake trail. Dan’s Rock is a very popular hiking trail for Frostburg students as well. Student Amy Lineweaver enjoys driving to Oakland, Maryland and visiting Swallow Falls.

Lover’s Leap is another destination for Frostburg students. It overlooks the Cumberland Narrows, and is close to The Fruit Bowl where hikers can stop and grab a healthy snack before they exercise.

Visiting parks are a great way to stay fit. Running, biking, taking dogs to the dog park, or playing ball in one of Frostburg’s parks is a wonderful way to enjoy the spring and stay active. Student Dean Bolt takes advantage of the warmer weather through playing, “Frisbee, cookouts, playing soccer and manhunt, or attending zombie events.”

Having cookouts and bonfires are great and popular ways to bring people together, relax from some homework and studying, and enjoy the beautiful weather that spring brings. Through interviews conducted on campus, many of our FSU students enjoy having outside cookouts with their friends. Student Kache Stewart not only likes cookouts, but she enjoys playing volleyball and attending various outdoor events.

With the arrival of spring come the popular spring sports that many of our students participate in, through sports or for leisure activities. Taylor Blevins enjoys spring through student sports on campus. She, like many other FSU students, likes to stay healthy by participating in FSU Athletics as a member of the softball team.

Softball is a popular spring sport, but many enjoy playing volleyball, outside basketball, running, or throwing the football back and forth with friends. Taylor Casey, when she is not studying, enjoys “volleyball and swimming.”

Spring has sadly not arrived yet, but it is on its way and right around the corner. As the snow and ice begins to melt and the green foliage outside returns while the weather warms, students can slowly begin returning out into the fresh, warming air for fun activities and enjoying the many ways to stay fit while being outside.

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