Star Wars Rebels Season 4: In The Name Of The Rebellion

Star Wars: Rebels season four, episodes three and four– “In the Name of the Rebellion” parts one and two–aired on Monday, Oct. 23, and these episodes were a big improvement over last week’s “Heroes of Mandalore” episode.

The episode begins with Hera flying back onto Yavin IV with a heavily damaged ship after a failed mission, where the empire seemed to know that they were going to be there. After the dive bomb crash, Hera reunites with the crew of the Ghost and goes to the headquarters to discuss what happened with Mon Mothma. There, they devise a plan to spike into a new communications tower on the Jalindi system in which the Ghost crew will be deployed. Later on, Saw Gerrera contacts Yavin IV stating that the rebel alliance needs to take the fight directly to the empire. Mothma calls Gerrera out on his barbaric methods of torture and risking civilian lives.

On Jalindi we see Ezra, Chopper, and Sabine dive-bomb the communications tower to try and spike it, which does not go according to plan. Chopper ends up hacking into the communications tower just fine, which leads to Brom Titus showing up with a Star Destroyer. He deploys TIE Defenders to chase the Ghost, where Kanan uses the Force to help guide Hera through the fog to destroy the ships. Back to Ezra, Chopper, and Sabine – Chopper utilizes and tilts the dish to help shift the tide of the battle with the stormtroopers to benefit the trio when they realize that it’s a failed mission. They decide to try to destroy the tower, at which point Saw Guerra shows up and drops bombs on the dish, which kills Titus and picks up the trio.

We are then shown that Saw picked up the trio to enlist them in infiltrating feo station which he’s been tracking since we last saw him in season three. In order to infiltrate the station, Sabine gives Chopper a paint job so that they can all blend in. When they get to the station they find a cargo hold full of prisoners who are all scientists of some kind. We find out that the secret cargo comes from Jhedda which is home to Kyber Crystals, so the audience knows what the secret cargo actually is. Chopper is responsible for the prisoners, while Ezra (with help from the Force) is able to locate the giant Kyber Crystal. The Crystal is guarded by Death Troopers which is a tie-in to Rogue One and the Death Star. When the crew ends up at the Taunus sector they realize that there is nothing there and that it’s just a rendezvous point to exchange cargo. When Saw realizes this, he shoots the Kyber Crystal which destroys it. Saw escapes leaving Ezra, Sabine, Chopper, and the prisoners left to fend for themselves. Lucky for them, they are able to escape by the skin of their teeth just before the crystal explodes and are rescued by the Ghost.

Rebels season four returns on Monday, Oct. 30 on Disney XD at 9:30 p.m.


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