Student Government Association Funds Three On Campus Events

On Thursday, Sept. 21, the Student Government Association (SGA) had their meeting to discuss the various funding requests brought to them. First up to the podium was Spectrum, the LGBTQ Organization at Frostburg State University. They requested $1,675 for their “A Friend of Dorothy” event, and another $1,080 for their Pride March, which is planned to be held on National Coming Out Day, Wednesday, Oct, 11. The president, Blue, explained both events to SGA and why they needed the funding. “A Friend of Dorothy” is an open Mic event that Spectrum plans to have Tuesday, Oct. 17. The reason they requested funding is for catering, Lane Center tech. fees, entertainment, and spotlight performers. The requested money was lowered to $850 instead of the original amount during the hearing, and there was some fund raising done. The SGA approved funding for the Pride March, and tabled funding of the “A Friend of Dorothy” event until the next meeting to accommodate a possible reestimate of Lane Center tech. fees.

The second group to request funding was the Secular Student Alliance (SSA), a non-profit organization that focuses on scientific rationality, secularism, which is defined as the separation of state from religious institutions, and human-based ethics. While the SSA’s program did generate some talk and general interest within the Student government, the representative was unprepared to say the least. He explained the program in as much detail as he could, but he told the SGA “I wasn’t the one who planned this, I just had to be here,” and admitted that the treasurer of the SSA was the one with all of the event’s information, but didn’t show up to the hearing. The requested amount was $841 for their screening of the film A Better Life, presented by filmmaker Chris Johnson, who would also be their event speaker, and would be selling his book after said event. A roll call was requested after much questioning from the SGA, who simply wanted to understand what was going to happen at the event. SSA got a mostly “nay” on the verdict, and SGA did not fund the SSA event.

Thirdly, the Creative Minds group requested funding for their two events: the Open Mic event, which would be their second annual open mic, on Saturday, Oct. 7, and their “So You Think You Can Dance” event happening Friday, Oct. 13. Both events had $1,900 as the requested funding amount. Creative Minds is a student organization that is all about allowing students to express their creativity, whether it be through acting, dancing, or even stand-up comedy. The Open Mic event that Creative Minds held previously experienced great popularity, but unfortunately got rowdy due to lack of security. However, the president learned from his past mistakes, and the funding was for proper security and policing of the event, as well as Lane Center expenses. The same will be for their “So You Think You Can Dance” event, to make sure things don’t get out of hand, and that students and guests stay safe. Both events were approved for funding.

Finally, Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE), a fraternity, requested reimbursement for sending two members to TKE’s 59th Conclave in New Orleans. The hearing was short, and the request was tabled due to the representative’s brother not being there. The SGA said they would hold their hearing on this request for another time, since the event already happened.

SGA’s next meeting is on Oct. 5 at 7:30 p.m. in the Lane University Center Atkinson Room.

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